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Tag contentMenuItem

This component fires an actionListener from a menu item. The value can be a url, or, more typically, an id to a panel in the contentStack that is controlled by its parent, which must be either a ContentStackMenu or a ContentNavBar. If it's a child of the ContentStackMenu, then it's rendered as a list item. If a child of the ContentNavBar, it is rendered as a button on a tool bar. If the value attribute is null, then it becomes a menu heading and no selection of the contentStack is done. A non-null value must represent the id of the contentPane in the contentStack to make current. If the contentStackMenu has attribute accordion equal to true, then a null value attribute will render an accordion handle with accordion functionality. The following contentMenuItems with non-null values will be children of that accordion pane, to the next, etc. Beta feature

Tag Information
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

actionnotruejavax.el.MethodExpressionMethodExpression representing the application action to invoke when this component is activated by the user. The expression must evaluate to a public method that takes no parameters, and returns an Object (the toString() of which is called to derive the logical outcome) which is passed to the NavigationHandler for this application.
actionListenernotruejavax.el.MethodExpressionMethodExpression representing an action listener method that will be notified when this component is activated by the user. The expression must evaluate to a public method that takes an ActionEvent parameter, with a return type of void, or to a public method that takes no arguments with a return type of void. In the latter case, the method has no way of easily knowing where the event came from, but this can be useful in cases where a notification is needed that "some action happened".
bindingnotruejavax.el.ValueExpressionUsing an EL expression, bind the component reference to a bean property, so that the component may be accessed in the bean.
disablednotruebooleanDisables this component, so it does not receive focus or get submitted. Default = 'false'.
iconnotruejava.lang.StringFont Awesome icon
iconPlacementnotruejava.lang.StringIcon placement, left or right Default = 'left'.
idnotruejava.lang.StringThe component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
immediatenotruebooleanFlag indicating that, if this component is activated by the user, notifications should be delivered to interested listeners and actions immediately (that is, during Apply Request Values phase) rather than waiting until Invoke Application phase. Default = 'false'.
labelyestruejava.lang.StringThe menu item label.
renderednotruebooleanReturn true if this component (and its children) should be rendered during the Render Response phase of the request processing lifecycle. Default = 'true'.
singleSubmitnotruebooleanWhen singleSubmit is "true", triggering an action on this component will submit and execute only this component only (equivalent to ). When singleSubmit is "false", triggering an action on this component will submit and execute the full form that this component is contained within. Default = 'true'.
stylenotruejava.lang.StringSets the CSS style definition to be applied to this component.
styleClassnotruejava.lang.StringSets the CSS class to apply to this component.
urlnotruejava.lang.StringThe URL to be navigated to when then menuitem is clicked.
valuenotruejava.lang.StringThe contentPane id that will be displayed when selecting this button. This will default to the first contentPane if the "url" attribute is null.

No Variables Defined.

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