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deviceStylesheet component loads an outputStyleSheet in the head of a jsf view page based upon a detected device/desktop or a user-specified theme. If the JSF content parameter of Project Stage evaluates to "Production" the compressed css file is loaded into the head. The component has three modes in which it executes. 1.) no attributes - then component tries to detect a mobile device in from the user-agent. If a mobile device is discovered, then it will fall into three possible matches, iphone, ipad, android and blackberry. If the mobile device is not not know then ipad as default is loaded. Library is always assumed to be DEFAULT_LIBRARY. 2.) name attribute - component will default to using a library name of DEFAULT_LIBRARY (currently set to org.icefaces.component.skins. The name attribute specifies one of the possible device themes; iphone.css, android.css or bberry.css An Error will result if named resource could not be resolved. 3.) name and libraries attributes. - component will use the library and name specified by the user. Component is fully manual in this mode. Error will result if name and library can not generate a value resource.

Tag Information
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

librarynotruejava.lang.StringThe library reference for the stylesheet as a JSF resource.
medianotruejava.lang.StringThe CSS media type, screen, print and others.
namenotruejava.lang.StringThe name reference for the stylesheet as a JSF resource.
viewnotruejava.lang.StringView size, small or large for user designated selection of stylesheet to be loaded.

No Variables Defined.

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