Mobile Components
Tag tabSet

This mobility component allows contentPane's to be placed within tabset controls in a stacked manner. Only a single contentPane may be active at a time.

Tag Information
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

autoHeightnotruebooleanWhen "true", (default is false), the pane with highest known content is used to calculate the height. When client is false, this can only be calculated after all content panes havebeen selected for view. Until then, it can only reflect the max height of the selected contentPanes. If height attribute is used, this attribute cannot be true. Default = 'false'.
autoWidthnotruebooleanDefault = 'true'.
bindingnotruejavax.el.ValueExpressionUsing an EL expression, bind the component reference to a bean property, so that the component may be accessed in the bean.
defaultIdnotruejava.lang.StringThe id of the child contentPane that will be selected by default. This is only used once on load, and currentId must be used after to dynamically changethe currentId.
disablednotruebooleanIf true then all tabs except the active one will be disabled and can not be selected.
fitToParentnotruebooleanThis attribute, when true, will allow the tab content region to fit to the bounds of the parent container of the tabset. Default = 'true'.
heightnotruejava.lang.Stringattribute height can be used to fix the height of the contents. Must be valid height for, for example: 200px. If this attribute it not used, a calculation may be made to fix the height of the container to the largest height of its children by use of autoHeight attribute
idnotruejava.lang.StringThe component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
immediatenotruebooleanFlag indicating that this component's value must be converted and validated immediately (that is, during Apply Request Values phase), rather than waiting until Process Validations phase. Default = 'false'.
orientationnotruejava.lang.StringThis attribute sets the orientation of the tabset bar to either bottom or top. The default value if not specified is top. Default = 'top'.
renderednotruebooleanReturn true if this component (and its children) should be rendered during the Render Response phase of the request processing lifecycle. Default = 'true'.
selectedIdnotruejava.lang.StringThe id of the contentPane that is active.
singleSubmitnotruebooleanWhen singleSubmit is "true", triggering an action on this component will submit and execute only this component only (equivalent to ). When singleSubmit is "false", triggering an action on this component will submit and execute the full form that this component is contained within. currently may only be true. Default = 'true'.
stylenotruejava.lang.StringInline style of the container element.
styleClassnotruejava.lang.StringStyle class of the container element.
tabChangeListenernotruejavax.el.MethodExpressionMethodExpression representing a method that will be invoked when the selected TabPane has changed. The expression must evaluate to a public method that takes a ValueChangeEvent parameter, with a return type of void.

No Variables Defined.

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