ICEfaces Component Suite
Tag panelConfirmation

This component renders a popup confirmation dialog asking the user whether to cancel or continue with the operation that was requested. This dialog will be displayed immediately after the event that triggered the operation (e.g. click, Enter-key press, etc.) while preventing the application from carrying out the requested operation until it is confirmed by the user.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.icesoft.faces.component.panelconfirmation.PanelConfirmationTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

acceptLabelfalsefalsejava.lang.String The text to appear on the acceptance button (default value is 'Accept').
autoCentrefalsefalsejava.lang.String Used to keep the popup centred on the screen through scrolling and window resizing events. Default value is 'false'.
bindingfalsefalsejava.lang.String The value binding expression linking this component to a property in a backing bean
cancelLabelfalsefalsejava.lang.String The text to appear on the cancellation button (default value is 'Cancel').
displayAtMousefalsefalsejava.lang.String When set to 'true' this panel will pop up near the mouse pointer position at the moment of triggering the event. It overrides the autoCentre property. Default value is 'false'.
draggablefalsefalsejava.lang.String When set to 'true' this panel is draggable. The user will be able to drag the panel to any position on the page. Default value is 'false'.
idfalsefalsejava.lang.String The component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
messagefalsefalsejava.lang.String The text to appear in the body of the popup.
renderedfalsefalsejava.lang.String Flag indicating whether or not this component should be rendered (during Render Response Phase), or processed on any subsequent form submit.
stylefalsefalsejava.lang.String CSS style(s) to be applied when this component is rendered.
styleClassfalsefalsejava.lang.String Space-separated list of CSS style class(es) to be applied when this element is rendered. This value must be passed through as the "class" attribute on generated markup.
titlefalsefalsejava.lang.String The text of the popup header.

The type of confirmation dialog (buttons that will be displayed in the popup). Possible values are:

  • acceptOnly - Will only display accept button.
  • cancelOnly - Will only display cancel button.
  • normal - Will only display both buttons.

Default value is normal.

No Variables Defined.

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