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Tag draggable

Enables an Id-specified component to be moved via dragging. Draggable component can cause events on droppable ones.

For more information, see the Draggable Wiki Documentation.

Client Events
NameDescriptionSupported classes for argument
startFired when the target component starts to be dragged (default event). By default, no components are rendered in this ajax request, because rendering this draggable component itself or the target component could cause a dynamic update that replaces the original nodes being dragged on the page, which could interrupt the dragging action for the user.javax.faces.event.AjaxBehaviorEvent
Client events can be used with Client Behaviors and the ace:ajax tag.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.icefaces.ace.component.dnd.DraggableTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

axisnotruejava.lang.StringRestrict the drag movement of this item to an axis. Default is null, possible values include: "x" & "y".
bindingnotruejavax.el.ValueExpressionUsing an EL expression, bind the component reference to a bean property, so that the component may be accessed in the bean.
containmentnotruejava.lang.StringJQuery selector of the element whose boundaries should restrict the movement of this draggable. Other possible values are 'parent', 'document', and 'window'.
cursornotruejava.lang.StringCursor style to set when this component is being dragged. See this page for a reference of what cursor styles your browser supports.
datasourcenotruejava.lang.StringAllows you to set the ID of an UIData component that will provide a Java object as input for the drag start event. That object is defined by matching the index of the draggable to an object at the same index in the UIData component backing.
disablednotruebooleanIf set, movement is disabled.
dragOnlynotruebooleanIf set, component won't cause drop event.
dragStartListenernotruejavax.el.MethodExpressionMethodExpression reference to a method called whenever the target component starts to be dragged. (It is advised not to use this event for updating the component being dragged, in order to avoid having its markup replaced while still dragging it. See wiki for more details.)
fornotruejava.lang.StringId of the component to add draggable behavior to.
gridnotruejava.lang.StringDefines the drag movement of this component as though snapping to a grid in defined intervals. Ex: '20x20', measured in pixels.
handlenotruejava.lang.StringRestrict the drag-event start to an element specified by this JQuery selector.
helpernotruejava.lang.StringSpecifies which element to move during the dragging event. Possible values are 'original' or 'clone'.
idnotruejava.lang.StringThe component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
opacitynotruejava.lang.DoubleThe opacity for the helper during dragging. Values can range from 0.00 to 1.00. Default = '1.0'.
renderednotruebooleanReturn true if this component (and its children) should be rendered during the Render Response phase of the request processing lifecycle. Default = 'true'.
revertnotruebooleanIf set, the component will return to its original position when dragging stops.
scopenotruejava.lang.StringThis arbitrary keyword allows sets of dragabbles and droppables with the same keyword to be associated with each other exclusively.
snapnotruebooleanEnable 'snap to droppable' behavior for this component.
snapModenotruejava.lang.StringSpecifies which edges on elements to snap to. Possible values include: outer, inner and both.
snapTolerancenotrueintDistance in pixels from the droppable edges at which snapping should occur.
stacknotruejava.lang.StringJQuery selector that defines the set of items this draggable shares its space with, ensures this item is brought to the front z-index when dragged.
widgetVarnotruejava.lang.StringThe JavaScript component instance variable name.
zindexnotrueintThe z-index to set for the helper object.

No Variables Defined.

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