Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="icecore" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:icecore="" />

No Description

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameicecore

Tag Summary
configThis tag can be used to adjust behaviour on a per-page basis. These settings take precedence over corresponding application global settings specified via context-param entries in the web.xml file.
refreshThis tag can be used to configure push behavior on a per-view basis.
pushThis tag can be used to configure push behavior on a per-view basis.
setEventPhaseThe Set Event Phase component allows one to specify the phase that certain events will be broadcast in, for events originating from components in its child hierarchy. Note that some iterative containers, such as UIRepeat, UIData and its sub-classes, will wrap events inside another event type that records source row information, so if the iterative container is in-between setEventPhase and the intended source component, in the child/parent component hierarchy, that will interfere with setEventPhase's ability to alter events by their class name. Only selecting all events by specifying an events value of "FacesEvent" would work.
singleSubmitThis tag allows form submission from just the component generating the event and then update the page with any changes from all components (equivilant to <f:ajax execute="@this" render="@all">).
navigationNotifierThis tag can be used to configure the page to be notified when the browser back button is pressed.
defaultActionThe defaultAction tag can be used to initiate a form submit when a certain key is pressed. An action or an action listener can be defined to control which method to be invoked on the server side.
jsEventListenerThe jsEventListener component allows you to capture javascript events and optionally sends a notification to server and fire an action event.
idleMonitorThis component would provide a markup-based method of configuring the ICEfaces bridge "ice.onUserInactivity(interval, idleCallback, activeCallback)" function. This container would provide necessary attributes to configure the userInactivity callback while also acting as an invisible container to other JSF components contained within it. Upon firing of the user inactivity callback, the component would make all of it's child components visible on the page.
focusManagerThe focusManager component provides the following automatic focus setting behaviors when it is included inside a form component: - The first visible (enabled) input element in the form has focus set on it initially. - Alternatively, if there is an invalid component in the form (failed validation), the first visible (enabled) invalid component will receive focus instead. - The application may also specify a component to have focus set on it via the "for" attribute.
redirectThe redirect tag can be used to trigger a redirect immediately on page load, upon any user interaction causing a render of the tag, or at the server's discretion using push.


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