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Tag resizable

The Resizable is a component that makes another component resizable.

For more information, see the Resizable Wiki Documentation.

Client Events
NameDescriptionSupported Classes for ArgumentDefault Event Scopes
resizeFired at the end of a resize operation (default event).javax.faces.event.AjaxBehaviorEventexecute=@this render=@all
Client events can be used with Client Behaviors and the ace:ajax tag.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.icefaces.ace.component.resizable.ResizableTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

animatenotruebooleanBoolean value that specifies whether the resizing should be animated. Default = 'false'.
aspectRationotruebooleanBoolean value that specifies whether the aspect ratio of the component should be maintained when resizing. Default = 'false'.
bindingnotruejavax.el.ValueExpressionUsing an EL expression, bind the component reference to a bean property, so that the component may be accessed in the bean.
containmentnotruebooleanBoolean value that specifies whether the resizable should be restricted to its parent's boundaries. Default = 'false'.
disablednotruebooleanBoolean value that specifies whether the resizable feature should be disabled for the targeted component. Default = 'false'.
effectnotruejava.lang.StringEasing effect for animating. "linear" or "swing". Easing plugins or functions can add more effects. Default = 'swing'.
effectDurationnotruejava.lang.StringDuration time for animating, in milliseconds. Other possible values: "slow", "normal", "fast". Default = 'normal'.
fornotruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the id of the component to make resizable.
ghostnotruebooleanIf set to true, a semi-transparent helper element is shown for resizing. Default = 'false'.
gridnotrueintSize in pixels of the increments in which the resizable should increase/decrease its size Default = '1'.
handlesnotruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the handles to use. Possible values are 'n', 'e', 's', 'w', 'ne', 'se', 'sw', and 'sw' (without the quotes and separated by commas). Shortcut "all" enables all handles.
heightnotrueintCurrent height of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MIN_VALUE'.
idnotruejava.lang.StringThe component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
maxHeightnotrueintMaximum height of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MAX_VALUE'.
maxWidthnotrueintMaximum width of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MAX_VALUE'.
minHeightnotrueintMinimum height of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MIN_VALUE'.
minWidthnotrueintMinimum width of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MIN_VALUE'.
proxynotruebooleanIf set to true, the CSS class "ui-resizable-proxy" will be added to the helper element used to outline the resize. Default = 'false'.
renderednotruebooleanReturn true if this component (and its children) should be rendered during the Render Response phase of the request processing lifecycle. Default = 'true'.
resizeListenernotruejavax.el.MethodExpressionListener for the end of resize event.
widthnotrueintCurrent width of the resizable in pixels. Default = 'Integer.MIN_VALUE'.

No Variables Defined.

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