ICEfaces EE 2 is Now Available!

ICEfaces Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 is a JSF 2 ready, enterprise-grade development framework, designed to allow enterprise application developers to quickly design, test and deploy rich collaborative web applications. 

ICEfaces EE 2.0 provides enterprise-grade features and capabilities not available in ICEfaces 2 open-source releases. It includes additional enterprise technologies, features, and advanced documentation designed to simplify and enhance your ICEfaces project lifecycle from development and testing, to deployment.

ICEfaces EE 2.0 is certified and fully tested against an extensive matrix of open source and commercial Java EE technologies. Key features of ICEfaces EE 2.0 include:

    1. Certified Code-base
    2. Commercial Technology Integrations
    3. Enterprise Components
    4. Testing Resources 
    5. Enterprise Push Server (EPS) 
    6. Enterprise Deployment Guides 
    7. Enterprise-Level Support Options
More on ICEfaces EE 2.0 | ICEfaces EE Subscriptions | Contact Us for Details

ICEfaces 2.0.1 is Available for Download!

ICEfaces 2.0.1 is an official maintenance release featuring over 110 fixes and improvements. 

Notable changes included in this release are:

  • New Supported Platforms
    - Chrome 10, Firefox 4.0, IE 9
    - GlassFish 3.1, JBoss 6.0 and Liferay Portal 5 and 6
    - CDI / Weld
  • Optimized JavaScript for the ICEfaces Components
  • Faster Page Loading
  • Mojarra JSF 2.1 and associated support updates
  • Optimized Window Scope initialization
  • Various Single Submit Improvements
  • Updated Tutorials & Sample Applications

Check out the ICEfaces 2 Supported Platform page for more information on current and planned technology integrations.

Download ICEfaces 2.0.1 | Read the Release Notes


What About ICEfaces EE 1.8?

ICEsoft understands that not all enterprises are in the position to make the move to JSF 2 – based technologies and products. Transitioning from legacy environments and technologies can be expensive and time consuming, which is why ICEsoft will continue to support and evolve ICEfaces EE 1.8 within the JSF 1.2 environment.

ICEfaces 1.8 is the first generation ICEfaces technology built on JSF 1.1/1.2. ICEfaces 1.8 is a proven technology that provides support for a wide range of commercial and open source application server and portal technology products/versions that may not be capable of operating within JSF 2.X environments.

To learn more about how ICEfaces eases application migration burdens, join our upcoming Migrating to ICEfaces 2 webinar.

ICEfaces EE 1.8 | Supported Platforms | Contact Us for Support


5 Things to Know About Enterprise Push Server 

  1. Enterprise Push Server enables the delivery of collaborative rich web applications through Ajax Push.
  2. It integrates with major open source and commercial application servers to provide high-scalability and fail-over support for clustered Ajax Push-enabled  ICEfaces applications.
  3. Provides distributed management of Push blocking connection to any number of deployed ICEfaces applications and portlets in both a stand-alone and clustered environments.
  4. Designed to Load-balance for failover of blocking push connections.
  5. Supports Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP) integration for thread-level scalability.

More on Enterprise Push ServerEPS Included in ICEfaces EE


ICEfaces 2.0 Training

Introduction to ICEfaces 2.0 and JSF 2.0

ICEsoft offers online training options to fit your specific needs. ICEfaces 2.0 Training is developer led using experienced ICEfaces developers with several years of JSF and ICEfaces development experience. All our courses include hands-on exercises and labs to ensure knowledge transfer.

Upcoming Training Online | Contact Us for Custom Online Training

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