ICEfaces 2.1 is Coming Soon!

The preview release of ICEfaces 2.1, coming this September, will feature new Advanced Component Environment (ACE) components, and support for Apache MyFaces JSF 2.1.

New ACE Components

ICEfaces 2.1 will include an extensive set of new ACE components, featuring rich client-side behaviours and optimized AJAX processing. One of the most significant new components is an all-new industry-leading ace:dataTable that will provide features such as:

  • Optimized rendering and data-transport for virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Integrated pagination, scrolling, and single/multiple row selection.
  • Integrated, easy-to-use multi-column sorting and data-filtering, featuring built-in sorting and filtering for in-memory data-models, or simple integration with data-providers for large data-sets.
  • Expandable rows and regions.
  • Optional configuration panel for user-specified column visibility, ordering, and sort-criteria that can be persisted across sessions.

Support for MyFaces JSF

ICEfaces 2.1 will add support for MyFaces JSF 2.1 runtime libraries. This provides developers with the ability to deploy ICEfaces 2.1 applications to a wider range of legacy JEE5 application-server platforms, which are no-longer supported by Oracle Mojarra JSF 2.1.

Look for more information and a preview release of ICEfaces 2.1 in September!

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ICEfaces EE 2.1 to Follow

ICEfaces EE 2.1 will follow the ICEfaces 2.1 official release in the 4th quarter of 2011. ICEfaces EE 2.1 will bring all the new ICEfaces 2.1 features to ICEfaces EE users, certified on commercial application servers and portal containers. In addition, by leveraging MyFaces JSF 2.1 we will be adding all-new support for IBM WebSphere Portal 7, and many older JEE5-based application-servers that are widely used in production deployments today.

ICEfaces EE 2.1 will allow you to access the latest ICEfaces components and features on your existing infrastructure investment.

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What's Happening to ICEfaces EE 1.8?

ICEsoft understands that not all enterprises are in the position to make the move to JSF 2 – based technologies and products. Transitioning from legacy environments and technologies can be expensive and time consuming, which is why ICEsoft will continue to support and evolve ICEfaces EE 1.8 within the JSF 1.2 environment.

ICEfaces 1.8 is the first generation ICEfaces technology built on JSF 1.1/1.2. ICEfaces 1.8 is a proven technology that provides support for a wide range of commercial and open source application server and portal technology products/versions that may not be capable of operating within JSF 2.X environments.

To learn how ICEfaces eases application migration burdens, watch this archived Migrating to ICEfaces 2 webinar.

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ICEsoft is Hiring!

ICEsoft is presently recruiting for both full time and contract positions in both North America and Europe.  If you are an independent contractor or applications developer experienced with JSF, ICEfaces, or CSS we'd like to talk to you.  Check out the current job openings on our careers page or forum posts for list of positions.

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ICEfaces 2.0 Online Training

Introduction to ICEfaces 2 and JSF 2
ICEfaces Online Training


August 29, 30, 31
(North America
& Europe)
08:00am - 11:00am PDT (UTC -7 hrs) San Francisco
11:00am - 14:00pm EDT ( UTC -4 hrs) New York
16:00pm - 19:00pm BST (UTC +1 hrs) London
17:00pm - 20:00pm CEST (UTC +2 hrs) Frankfurt

ICEsoft offers online training options to fit your specific needs. ICEfaces 2.0 Training is developer led using experienced ICEfaces developers with several years of JSF and ICEfaces development experience. All our courses include hands-on exercises and labs to ensure knowledge transfer.

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