Introducing ICEmobile - Rich Mobile Applications!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the release of ICEmobile, an open source technology for building web-based, Enterprise Java applications for mobile devices. 

ICEmobile leverages mobile browsers' support for HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax to create web-based applications where the client presentation matches the device's native look and feel, but is delivered via a secure, enterprise-strength, Java backend. The web-based approach ensures seamless cross-platform support for today's most advanced smart phones and tablets.

ICEpush is integrated into the ICEmobile environment to deliver revolutionary, real-time, collaborative capabilities to your mobile application, and includes extensions for mobile, cloud-based push mechanisms. And where HTML5 capabilities are not enough, ICEmobile offers native device containers that extend browser capabilities, providing seamless integration with native device capabilities such as the camera, camcorder, microphone and QR code scanning.

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ICEmobile-Faces Components

The ICEmobile-Faces Component Suite provides UI controls that deliver and support native device user experience across a wide spectrum of mobile devices. The ever-growing ICEmobile Component suite offers a collection of JSF components tailored for mobile devices, and includes:

  • Layout and Navigation Controls for page layout, navigation, and theming.
  • Input and selection Controls for handling user input.
  • Media Controls for presenting audio, video and images.
  • Native Controls for accessing device capabilities like camera, camcorder, and microphone.

About ICEmobile Components | ICEmobile Components Showcase


ICEmobile For Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps

Based on the enterprise-proven ICEfaces 2 framework, ICEmobile inherits all the key features of ICEfaces 2, including Automatic Ajax and Ajax Push.

ICEmobile-Faces lets you apply your existing JSF/ICEfaces skills directly to mobile web development with confidence, knowing that the core framework is enterprise-hardened, and proven against a wide spectrum of enterprise deployments. ICEmobile-Faces provides a JSF-based development environment for mobile Rich Internet Applications, with key features such as:

  • Native Look & Feel
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross-platform Development
  • Native Device Integration
  • Mobile Push

Learn more about ICEmobile-Faces and key features.

ICEmobile Cloud Push | ICEmobile-Faces Components


Native Mobile Apps Via ICEmobile Containers

ICEmobile includes native mobile applications or containers that install directly on a mobile device to provide the native integration for device capabilities that are not available through standard HTML5 markup. ICEmobile Containers enables capabilities such as camera, camcorder, and microphone via a standard JavaScript API. Device-specific implementtions of the JavaScript APIs integrate directly with device capabilities utilizing JavaScript to native interfaces implemented in the container. ICEmobile Containers are available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Learn more about the ICEmobile Containers Architecture.

Install iOS Container Tutorial | Install Android Container Tutorial

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