Free JSF & ICEfaces Training On-Demand!

Introduction to JSF and ICEfaces (1.8 & 2.0) Self-serve training is now available for free to all ICEfaces community members!

The material presented in our online and onsite training has been captured in a series of on-demand videos, making it easier than ever for developers to become productive with JSF and ICEfaces.  

New community members can get started now!  Existing members looking for a refresher are also welcome to take advantage.

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ICEfaces 2.1 Beta is Now Available!

ICEfaces 2.1 Beta features new Advanced Component Environment (ACE) components, and support for Apache MyFaces JSF 2.1.

ACE Components: Over 30+ new ACE components, featuring rich client-side behaviours, and optimized AJAX processing.  Plus, an all new industry-leading DataTable that will provide advanced features such as:

  • Optimized rendering and data-transport for virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Integrated pagination, scrolling, and single/multiple row selection.
  • Integrated, easy-to-use multi-column sorting and data-filtering, featuring built-in sorting and filtering for in-memory data-models, or simple integration with data-providers for large data-sets.
  • Expandable rows and regions.
  • Optional configuration panel for user-specified column visibility, ordering, and sort-criteria that can be persisted across sessions.

MyFaces Support: ICEfaces 2.1 adds support for MyFaces JSF 2.1 runtime libraries. This provides developers with the ability to deploy ICEfaces 2.1 applications to a wider range of legacy Java EE 5 application server platforms, which are no longer supported by Oracle Mojarra JSF 2.1.

Read the release notes to learn more about this release.

ACE Component Showcase | Supported Platforms 

ICEsoft is Hiring!

ICEsoft is looking for talented Java developers.  We are currently recruiting for:

  • Java EE Application Developers (ICEfaces)
  • Web Designer & (CSS Expert)

Preference will be given to applicants based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and or Houston, Texas, USA. 

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ICEfaces 2.0 Training

Introduction to ICEfaces 2.0 and JSF 2.0

ICEsoft offers online training options to fit your specific needs. ICEfaces 2.0 Training is developer led using experienced ICEfaces developers with several years of JSF and ICEfaces development experience. All our courses include hands-on exercises and labs to ensure knowledge transfer.

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