ICEfaces 3.1 is Ready for Download!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the release and general availability of ICEfaces 3.1! 

ICEfaces 3.1 is an official feature release featuring an array of new components and component enhacements, 26 new product features, 55 product enhacements, and over 140 fixes.

Notable features and benefits of ICEfaces 3.1 include:

  • 9 new ACE Components, plus additional updates to existing ACE Components
  • More updates & enhancements to the market leading DataTable Component
  • 4 new icecore: Components & tags
  • All new Liferay Faces Bridge support on LIferay 5.2, 6.0 & 6.1
  • Configurable minification/compression of JavaScript resources
  • Updated ICEfaces Showcase and Auction sample applications, including portlet variants
  • Updated IDE integration for Eclipse 4.2 & Netbeans 7
  • New Eclipse design-time support for ACE Components
  • Improved Maven support - Maven repository now includes documentation and source code libraries
  • and much more...
Read Product Annoucement Read Release Notes | Supported Platforms | Download ICEfaces

New ACE Components

ICEfaces 3.1 release introduces 9 new components to the ACE Component library, which is entirely open source and now features over 50 components including the further improved and market-leading ace:dataTable.  Added components and key enhacements to the ACE Library include:

  • ace:autoCompleteEntry 
    • Displays simple and compound content in the popup list, and more.
  •  ace:list and ace:listControl 
    • Provides column-item-ordering, dual-column list, or even n-column lists
  • ace:chart
    • Supports Line charts, Bars, Pies, Donuts, OHLC, & more...
    • stacked and merged charts
    • Provides interactive dynamic charts w/o browser pluginsSupports
  • ace:menuSeparator 
    • Visually groups menuItems into logical sets
  • ace:multiColumnMenu
    • Adds "mega-menu" style submenus to ace:menuBar and ace:contextMenu
  • ace:richTextEntry 
    • Leverages the industry-leading CKEditor library for robust rich-text editing
  • ace:textAreaEntry and ace:textEntry - new text entry component features:
    • Integrated label rendering, including Inplace/InField labels and left/right/top/bottom label positions.
    • Integrated required/optional label indicators and positioning
    • Required/optional CSS style classes for style-based required/optional status indication
    • Built-in support for Theme-Roller for components in Error/Invalid validation status

Learn more about the ACE Component Library.

Demo Components Showcase | ACE Components Documentation 

New Framework icecore: Components & Tags

The icecore: tags are used to customize the behavior of components in a page or to change the handling of individual pages across an application. The ICEfaces 3.1 release introduces the following 4 new core tags:

  • icecore:navigationNotifier Component
    • Triggers a server-side bean callback notification upon page navigation via the browser "Back" and "Forward" history buttons/menu functions
  • icecore:redirect Tag
    • Provides support for Ajax-Push triggered browser page redirects
  • icecore:refresh Tag
    • Provides support for periodic page refreshes triggered from the client
    • Leverages ICEfaces Ajax-Push architecture for optimal simplicity and performance
  • icecore:setEventPhase Component
    • Provides the ability to specify the JSF life-cycle phase that certain events will be broadcast in, for events originating from components in its child hierarchy

Find more ICEfaces Framework Core Tags.

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