ICEfaces EE is Now Mobile-Ready!

ICEfaces EE developers can now easily extend their enterprise JSF applications to mobile devices using ICEmobile EE. ICEfaces EE now includes ICEmobile EE software so developers can seamlessly migrate their desktop ICEfaces applications to the look, feel, and capabilities of mobile devices they are accessed from. With ICEmobile EE, developers can use existing Java EE development tools and expertise to deliver rich cross-platform mobile applications, without compromise.

Key features and benefits of ICEmobile EE include:

  • Easily extend ICEfaces EE apps to mobile devices
  • Build hybrid mobile applications using pure web-based development
  • Provide web-based user interfaces that match the look and feel of native apps
  • Automatically adapt to different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, & Blackberry)
  • Leverage HTML5/CSS3 capabilities of mobile browsers
  • Containers provide access to native device capabilities not available in HTML5
  • Leverage existing Java EE development tools, techniques and developer skills
More on ICEmobile ICEmobile Features & Benefits | Support Options | Contact Us for Details

ICEmobile 1.1 - Spring MVC & JSP Support (BETA)

ICEmobile 1.1 (BETA) is available for download. Whereas ICEmobile 1.0 was JSF-centric, 1.1 introduces support for JSP and Spring MVC, thus expanding the reach of ICEmobile’s hybrid mobile web development capabilities.

In addition to the JSP/Spring capabilities, ICEmobile JSF support has been augmented with a number of navigation and layout components that vastly simplify JSF development of hybrid mobile applications. You can review the Component Documentation, and see the components in action in the ICEmobile Showcase Demo

As part of this release, the ICEmobile Containers, which provide device integration and hybrid capabilities, now support both JSF and JSP/Spring-based applications.  Check it all out for yourself, and find out just how easy it is to build hybrid mobile applications with ICEmobile.

Downloads  |  Features & Benefits  |  ICEmobile Spring MVC Demo

ICEfaces Application Performance Tuning & Optimization

Reducing IT Costs with ICEfaces & ICEmobile

Are you looking to build a rich web application and/or wanting to mobilize your enterprise application? Brian McKinney, President and CEO at ICEsoft, talks about the criteria and associated hidden costs to consider when choosing the right technology framework for your project.

ICEfaces and ICEmobile can help you reduce costs associated with the five sources known to drive up your IT expenditure:

  • Platform proliferation and mobilization costs
  • Infrastructure upgrade costs
  • Non-standard technology costs
  • Securing the client 
  • Design cycle time

Watch the Reducing IT Costs with ICEfaces and ICEmobile video presentation. 

Innovation in Building Enterprise Mobile Applications

ICEmobile enables enterprise developers to build a single web-based mobile application across multiple platforms, thus reducing the need to support and maintain device-specific applications distributed across multiple mobile devices. By providing web-based access to native device capabilities, web application developers can now deliver equivalent capabilities and native-like functionality to their web-based mobile applications.  Additionally, ICEmobile Cloud Push technology offers a unified approach to enabling push notifications across multiple device networks. This allows developers to avoid the need to integrate their applications into each and every mobile device or platform.

Watch how ICEmobile is Revolutionizing the Development of Enterprise Mobile Applications.

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