ICEsoft Launches ICEmobile Open Source Project for Development of Enterprise Mobile RIAs.

Release Date: February 15, 2012

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the official release of ICEmobile 1.0

ICEmobile is an open source project for the development of web-based, Enterprise Java applications for mobile devices. ICEmobile leverages mobile browsers' support for HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax to create web-based applications where the client presentation matches the device's native look and feel, but is delivered via a secure, enterprise-strength, Java backend. The web-based approach ensures seamless cross-platform support for today's most advanced smart phones and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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While ICEmobile will target a wide spectrum of Java presentation technologies, the first variant available, ICEmobile-Faces, targets JSF development, and leverages the industry-leading ICEfaces 3.0 framework. Key features include: 

Native Look and Feel
Web applications developed with ICEmobile-Faces look and feel like native mobile applications. The ICEmobile Component Suite provides a complete set of mobile browser controls from which to build your user interfaces. Device-specific CSS allows you to tailor the look of your application to automatically match the visual standards for the different mobile devices it is accessed from.  See ICEmobile Demos.

Native Capabilities
Where HTML5 capabilities are not enough, ICEmobile offers native device containers that extend browser capabilities, providing seamless integration with native device capabilities such as the camera, camcorder and microphone.

Mobile Cloud Push
Ajax Push is integrated into the ICEmobile environment to deliver revolutionary, real- time, collaborative capabilities to mobile applications, and includes extensions for mobile, cloud-based push mechanisms. 

Write-Once, Cross-platform Development
Develop a single web application that can be accessed seamlessly across a wide spectrum of mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and Blackberry phones and tablets.   Eliminate the need to develop and support different native applications for each mobile platform you intend to support. 

Find out more about the Features and Benefits of ICEmobile-Faces.

"Over the last decade we have witnessed most desktop apps evolve into web apps, states Brian McKinney", President and CEO of ICEsoft. "This monumental shift is starting in the mobile space now", McKinney continues.  “The main driver behind this shift is the desire to reduce the cost of ownership associated with developing and maintaining mobile applications.  The challenge is to deliver on this objective while retaining all of the richness and access to device-based features associated with native applications.  ICEmobile achieves this."

Availability and Licensing

ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 is available for download now, and is free to use and distribute under the Apache 2 open source license. 

About ICEsoft Technologies

ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a commercial open source company and a leading global provider of RIA solutions for desktop and mobile enterprise.  Founded in 2001, ICEsoft products are used by over 10,000 enterprises and 150,000 developers worldwide.  ICEsoft is the proud sponsor of ICEfaces, ICEmobile and ICEpdf.

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