ICEmobile-Faces EE 1.0 is Here!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the availability of ICEmobile-Faces Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.0 GA. 

ICEmobile-Faces EE enables JSF-based development of mobile RIAs on enterprise platforms such as IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic. It is based on ICEfaces EE, and inherits all the enterprise benefits to deliver rich mobile applications, including broader platform support, and the Enterprise Push Server for high-availability clustered deployments.

ICEmobile-Faces EE 1.0 provides new features and benefits targeted at robust and scalable enterprise application deployments. ICEmobile-Faces EE is a fully-tested and certified enterprise-grade solution ideal for companies that require a fully-supported production platform with guaranteed SLA response times. 

What's New in ICEmobile-Faces EE 1.0? 

  • Support for additional platforms such as WebSphere 8, WebLogic 12c, and JBoss 7.1. 
  • Additional mobile components including MenuButton, PanelConfirmation, SubmitNotification, and PanelPopup. 
  • Adaptive Heartbeating for mobile deployments.
  • Platform-specific Cloud Push connectors for Android, Apple and Blackberry.
  • IDE Integrations for Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse, and RAD/RSA 8.
More on ICEmobile-Faces EE Subscriptions & Support | Contact Us for Details

The Difference Between ICEmobile & ICEmobile-Faces

ICEmobile is an open source project for the development of web-based, Enterprise Java applications for mobile devices. ICEmobile leverages mobile browsers' support for HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax to create web-based applications where the client presentation matches the device's native look and feel, but is delivered via a secure, enterprise-strength, Java backend. The web-based approach ensures seamless cross-platform support for today's most advanced smart phones and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

ICEmobile-Faces is a JSF-compliant version of the ICEmobile open source project. ICEmobile-Faces is based on JSF 2 and the advanced ICEfaces framework. It provides a JSF-based development environment for building enterprise-grade mobile web applications. 

Learn more about ICEmobile-Faces features and benefits.

Demo ICEmobile | Supported Platforms | Component Showcase

Reducing Development & Support Costs w/ ICEmobile

ICEmobile enables enterprise developers to build a single web-based mobile application across multiple platforms, thus reducing the need to support and maintain device-specific applications distributed across multiple mobile devices. By providing web based access to native device capabilities, web application developers can now deliver equivalent capabilities and native-like functionality to their web-based mobile applications.  Additionally, ICEmobile Cloud Push technology offers a unified approach to enabling push notifications across multiple device networks. This allows developers to avoid the need to integrate their applications into each and every mobile device or platform. 

Watch how ICEmobile is revolutionizing the development of Enterprise Mobile Applications.

Support & Subscriptions

ICEmobile support subscriptions offer developer and production support for ICEmobile applications including committed response times, emergency patches, custom builds and hands-on support from our development team. 

ICEfaces EE customers interested in ICEmobile-Faces EE support can add ICEmobile support to their existing ICEfaces EE subscription package. There are several ICEmobile support subscriptions to choose from. Contact us directly for more details.

Upcoming Introduction to ICEmobile Webinar

In this 50 minute webinar we will provide a complete introduction to the ICEmobile framework and discuss its key features and benefits. The presentation will explain ICEmobile-Faces and how it enables the development mobile Rich Enterprise Applications for JSF-based projects. This presentation will include a review of the ICEmobile Components and concluded with a hands-on demo of key features and capabilities such as Cloud Push and Media Cast.

Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM - EST (GMT -5) New York

Register now to reserve your webinar seat. Seats are limited.

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