ICEmobile - Enabling Enterprise Mobility with JSF!

Stephen Maryka, Chief Technical Officer at ICEsoft Technologies Inc., provides an overview of ICEmobile, which enables Java Enterprise developers to build web applications that provide the native look, feel, and capabilities of the mobile devices from which they are accessed. ICEmobile delivers a user experience that matches native mobile applications, and it does so in a way that adapts seamlessly to the various device platforms.

"JSF is not new to the mobile landscape.  As early as 2007, the ICEfaces framework was being used to deliver JSF-based applications to mobile devices.   Advanced browser capabilities on devices like the iPhone, coupled with advanced Ajax-based frameworks like ICEfaces, enabled JSF developers to adapt desktop-targeted Rich Internet Application (RIA's) to mobile devices in an effective manner.  So what has changed in the last five years that out-dates these early techniques, and what modern approaches can be applied to deliver a true native user experience to today's wide spectrum of smart phones and other mobile devices?  A brief review of the recent and astounding  history of smartphones will shed some light on this question and its answer."  Read the full article.

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ICEfaces and ICEmobile EE are WebSphere App Server, WebSphere Portal, and Rational Ready!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce that ICEfaces and ICEmobile Enterprise Editions (EE) are now fully compatible with IBM WebSphere, and Rational software products.

“ICEfaces and ICEmobile allow developers to build and deploy powerful Rich Internet Applications with the IBM WebSphere middleware platform, and the Rational development tools", says Brian McKinney, CEO at ICEsoft. “ICEfaces and ICEmobile are engineered for and tested against IBM’s Java EE software stack, so whether you are running a simple application on a single server instance, or a sophisticated Ajax Push-based application in a WebSphere Portal environment with high-availability clustering, your deployment will be fully supported.”

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ICEfaces 3.1.0 Beta 1 is Now Available!

ICEfaces 3.1.0 Beta 1 is a preview release featuring 8 new ACE components, 3 new ICECORE components, and many more enhancements and improvements, including:

  • New & Enhanced ACE Components
    • ace:autoCompleteEntry - features built-in and lazy-loaded suggestion list filtering.
    • ace:chart - provides interactive client-side rendered dynamic charts without browser plugins.
    • ace:list & ace:listControl - single ordered column list, dual column list, or n-column list controls.
    • ace:menuSeparator - Group your menuItems into logical sets
    • ace:multiColumnMenu - Adds "mega-menu" style submenus to ace:menuBar and ace:contextMenu.
    • ace:richTextEntry - Leverages the industry-leading CKEditor rich text library.
    • ace:textEntry - features integrated label rendering (incl. Inplace/InField labels), and required/optional indicators and styling.
    • Updated jQuery to v1.7.1, jQuery UI to v1.8.18, and Wijmo to v2.0.5
    • Added improvements to ace:dataTable.
  • New ACE Components Showcase demos sample applications.
  • IDE Integration for NetBeans 7.1 & Eclipse 3.6/3.7/4.2-M7.

Release Notes | Documentation | Demo ACE Components

Upcoming Online Training

Introduction to JSF and ICEfaces 

ICEsoft offers online training options to fit your specific needs. ICEfaces ONline Training is developer led using experienced ICEfaces developers with several years of JSF and ICEfaces development experience. All our courses include hands-on exercises and labs to ensure knowledge transfer.

This 9 hour online course provides an overview into Java Server Faces (JSF) and teaches the basics of developing Rich Enterprise Applications using ICEfaces and JSF. Students will be introduced to the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture of JSF, event-handling, data binding and validation. The course walks attendees through the ICEfaces architecture, component library and unique features such as Ajax push and page level design. Students will learn how to install, and configure their local environment and will develop and deploy a basic ICEfaces application.

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