ICEfaces 3.0 is Now Available!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the official release of ICEfaces 3.0!  ICEfaces 3.0 is the result of over 8 months of active development effort resulting in the industry's most advanced JSF framework.  ICEfaces 3.0 now also includes a comprehensive portfolio of JSF/Ajax components and superior mobile integration using ICEmobile.

ICEfaces 3.0 contains over 400 new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

  • Over 40 new ACE components including the industry's most advanced data table.
  • Themeroller integration to allow quick and easy alterations to CSS themes.
  • Increased interoperability.  With MyFaces JSF 2.1 runtime support ICEfaces can now extend JSF 2 functionality to earlier vintage application server and portal container products.
  • New performance enhancements for IE 7/8.
  • Extended platform support.  ICEfaces 3 now supports the broadest range of application servers, portal containers, browsers and third party technologies in the industry.
  • Increased flexibility for developers to dictate client vs. server-side processing.
  • New mobility extensions via ICEmobile.  Developers can now easily extend their ICEfaces web applications to mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) while taking full advantage of native device features and capabilities.
Read the Release Notes | Read the Product Announcement | More About ICEfaces 3.0

The NEW ACE Components!

The all new ACE component library is entirely open source and features over 40+ new components including a new industry-leading data table.  Key features include:

  • Increased client-side functionality to improve component rendering times.
  • Harmonized UI theming across all components based on jQuery ThemeRoller themes.
  • Increased interoperability across a broader range of application servers, portal containers and browser vintages.
  • Comprehensive automated regression tests that run nightly.
  • The most sophisticated data table in the industry sporting advanced features such as:
    • Single and Mulit-Row sort, filtering and search/find functionality
    • In-cell editing
    • Collapsible columns
    • Advanced lazy loading enabling a 3 million+ celled data table to load in seconds
    • Column reordering, pagination and scrollability
    • Selectable and full data export
    • And much more...

ACE components are further supported by an Advanced Development Environment (ACE) of utilities, tools, and APIs, which enable developers to implement a consistent approach to component authoring, meta-data management, as well as automation and optimization of common component development tasks.

Find out more about the ACE Components.

Demo ACE Components | More ICEfaces Components 


ICEpdf 4.3 - Now Available for Download!

ICEpdf 4.3 is a certified production release that introduces important new features such as thumbnail utility pane, crypt filter support for decoding encrypted pdf files, Adobe Standard Security Revision 4 and 5, improved soft mask image support, colour conversion and rendering of CID fonts.  This release also includes more than 30 bug-fixes and enhancements.

See a list of notable changes and enhancements included in this release.

Download ICEpdf 4.3 | About ICEpdf | Release Notes 


ICEsoft is pleased to announce the official launch of This new website consolidates all of our popular open source projects under one community. provides better access to product and development resources such as documentation, tutorials, code samples, self-serve, and training so developers can be more productive, quicker.

About ICEsoft
ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a commercial open source company and a leading global provider of rich Internet application solutions for desktop and mobile enterprise. Founded in 2001, ICEsoft products are used by over 10,000 enterprises worldwide and 150,000 developers.  ICEsoft is the proud sponsor of ICEfaces, ICEmobile, and ICEpdf.

Visit We hope you enjoy the new site! 

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