ICEfaces EE 3.0 is Here!

ICEfaces EE (Enterprise Edition) 3.0 is an enterprise-grade extension to the ICEfaces open source project that includes certified code, specialized components, as well as advanced documentation to enhance your ICEfaces project lifecycle from development and testing, to deployment.  ICEfaces EE is also fully supported, so get peace of mind that our technical team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

ICEfaces EE 3.0 key features and benefits include:

  • Certified code-base that is tested against the most extensive matrix of Java EE technologies
  • EE Components including exclusive facelet-based components and new EE Accessible Components
  • The Enterprise Push Server (EPS) for large-scale and high-availability enterprise deployments
  • Legacy Browser support for IE 6 and IE7
  • Testing resources and sample applications
  • Enterprise-level support for ICEfaces and ICEfaces EE, find out more...

What's New in ICEfaces EE 3.0

  • WebSphere (WS) Ready! - Full support for WS App Server 7/8, WS Portal 7, and RAD/RSA 8 IDEs
  • Additional Platform Support for WebLogic Application Server 12c, and RedHat JBoss 7.0/7.1
  • PortletFaces Bridge Extensions for WebSphere, Liferay, and Pluto Portal containers
  • New Accessible Components for use in applications with strict WCAG accessibility requirements
Read the Product Announcement ICEfaces EE vs. ICEfaces | Supported Platforms | Contact Us for Details

EE Components

ICEfaces EE 3.0 offers a set of enterprise components exclusive to the ICEfaces EE bundle and are not available in the open-source ICEfaces project, including:

  • EE Accessible Components *NEW* - a new sub-set of components, based on the ICEfaces ICE Components, that have been modified and optimized for use in application environments with strict WCAG accessibility requirements, including the need to support client browsers that have no support for JavaScript, or have JavaScript disabled.
  • EE Composite Components *Updated for 3.0* - an extensive set of Facelet-composition components that provide ready-to-use functionality for common enterprise application tasks, such as dual-list, tree-table, and schedule.

Demo EE Component Showcase | EE Accessible Components

ICEfaces 3.0.1 is Now Available for Download

ICEfaces 3.0.1 is an official maintenance release featuring over 100 improvements and fixes, including:

  • Added features and enhancements to the ACE Components:
    • Auto-load ACE ThemeRoller.
    • Submenu nesting support.
    • New row grouping and conditional row features for the Data Table component.
    • Modified ACE Component theme style loading to prevent overriding custom CSS styling.
    • The ability to use ACE components with Liferay 5 Portal.
    • and more fixes...
  • Enhancements to the Input Rich Text component.
  • JSF Support for Oracle Mojarra and MyFaces.
  • Updated IDE integration for NetBeans 7.1 and Eclipse 3.6/3.7.

Read the ICEfaces 3.0.1 Release Notes | Demo ACE Components

Developing Web-based Enterprise Mobile Applications

ICEsoft recently introduced ICEmobile, an open source project for the development of web-based, Enterprise Java applications for mobile devices. ICEmobile leverages mobile browsers' support for HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax to create web-based applications where the client presentation matches the device's native look and feel, but is delivered via a secure, enterprise-strength, Java backend. The web-based approach ensures seamless cross-platform support for today's most advanced smart phones and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Learn more about ICEmobile.

Demo ICEmobile | Features & Benefits | ICEmobile Components

5 Things to Know About Enterprise Push Server

  1. Enterprise Push Server enables the delivery of collaborative rich web applications through Ajax Push.

  2. It integrates with major open source and commercial application servers to provide high-scalability and fail-over support for clustered Ajax Push-enabled ICEfaces applications.

  3. Provides distributed management of Push blocking connection to any number of deployed ICEfaces applications and portlets in both a stand-alone and clustered environments.

  4. Designed to Load-balance for failover of blocking push connections.

  5. Supports Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP) integration for thread-level scalability.

Find out more about the Enterprise Push Server...

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