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icefaces 3.3

ICEfaces EE 3.3 is Available to all Supported Customers
Certified, Robust and Scalable Enterprise Applications!

ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA includes all the new features and improvements that were introduced in the ICEfaces 3.3 open-source release, plus over 175 additional stabilizing fixes and ICEfaces EE-exclusive improvements. Combined, this release includes 8 new ACE components, new framework-level resource coalescing and versioning, new core tags and APIs, and over 400 JIRAs resolved. 

This commercial version of ICEfaces 3.3 provides additional features and benefits targeted at robust and scalable enterprise application deployments. ICEfaces EE is a fully-tested and certified enterprise-grade solution ideal for companies that require a fully-supported production platform with guaranteed SLA response times. 

For more information on ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA, see the following resources: 

Licensed EE Subscribers: General:
ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA Release Notes ICEfaces EE Overview
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ICEmobile 1.3

The Easiest Way to Mobilize Enterprise Java Web Apps

ICEmobile is the easiest and most cost effective way for companies to mobilize Java EE web applications. With ICEmobile, you build web applications that look, feel, and behave like native applications on any of the World's most popular mobile devices. As business needs evolve, you can easily add advanced hybrid capabilities to your applications - taking them beyond the boundaries of HTML5. ICEmobile delivers all these features in a true cross-platform environment, so you can satisfy your BYOD (bring your own device) requirements using a "Write Once" methodology, saving time and money along the way.

This release contains over 125 new features and enhancements, including:

  • Blackberry 10 is now supported
  • ICEmobile-SX hybrid for Android
  • ICEmobile CSS now compatible with Themeroller
  • New mobile DataView component
  • Augmented reality support (beta) for Qualcomm Vuforia
  • Many new style and performance enhancements
  • Spring MVC support has been improved 

More on ICEmobileUniversal Web Controls | Hybrid Containers

White Paper - Easy Mobilization of Java EE

The demand to mobilize your enterprise is unstoppable, and the requirements to support BYOD deployments are inevitable, but your enterprise applications are founded in Java EE, and the path to mobilization looks awfully thorny. Adopting a native development strategy seems pretty much like a non- starter. Your team would need whole new skill sets, and the BYOD requirements mean that those skills would have to span all the device types you need to support. A web- based approach would definitely align better with your legacy systems, but can web-based approaches deliver the expected mobile user experience, and can mobile browser implementations support all the features that mobile users will demand?

icemobile whitepaper

Download: Easy Mobilization of Java EE whitepaper

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