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ICEfaces EE 3.2 is Now Available!

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the release and general availability of ICEfaces EE 3.2 GA.

ICEfaces EE provides additional features and benefits targeted at robust and scalable enterprise application deployments. It is a fully-tested and certified enterprise-grade solution ideal for companies that require a fully-supported production platform with guaranteed SLA response times.

ICEfaces EE 3.2 certifies and includes all the new features and improvements introduced in the open source ICEfaces 3.1 and ICEfaces 3.2 releases, including 20 new ACE Components, 4 new core tags and new core APIs. In addition, over 150 ICEfaces EE-exclusive stabilizing fixes and improvements are provided.

ICEmobile EE 1.2 Trial
To get you started with mobilizing your ICEfaces applications, the ICEfaces EE 3.2 GA release bundles now include a full evaluation copy of ICEmobile EE.

ICEfaces EE features & benefits include:

  • Professional support with committed SLA response times
  • Function and Load Testing resources, scripts & know-how 
  • Enterprise Push Server - deploy and scale Ajax Push applications in stand-alone or clustered environments
  • Best-in-class JSF mobility - ICEfaces EE is mobile-ready via ICEmobile.
  • Support for Legacy Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers (IE6 / IE7)
  • Certified code base tested against the most extensive matrix of Java Technologies, including:
    • WebSphere (WS) Ready - full support for WS App Server 8, WS Portal 7
    • Platform Support for WebLogic Application Server
  • PortletFaces Bridge Extensions for WebSphere, Liferay, and Pluto Portal containers
  • Accessible Components for use in applications with strict WCAG accessibility requirements
  • and more...
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ICEmobile EE 1.2 is Now Available

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the availability of ICEmobile EE 1.2.

ICEmobile EE 1.2 is the enterprise edition of the ICEmobile 1.2 open source project. 

Notable changes and enhancements from earlier enterprise versions include:

  • Over 10 New JSP Tags and Components including:
    • Single Pane Accordion
    • Improved Augmented Reality Component for iPhone
    • Enhanced Layout Containers
    • Native integrations for contact / address book selection
  • Improved Tool and Simulator support:
    • New Getting Started Templates as part of tool plugins
    • Desktop Simulator now supported for Spring MVC
  • Enhanced Cloud Push Features and Performance
    • Including new Adaptive Heartbeating Technology to optimize data transfer and connection management.
    • Updated Cloud Push Connectors for Android, Apple and Blackberry.
  • >25% faster page loading
  • Over 25 other bug fixes & improvements, including:
    • Improved WIKI Documentation
    • New Tutorials and “How To” Demos
    • View a more complete list of fixes and improvements, here.

To learn about the advantages of ICEmobile EE over the open source project, please see ICEmobile EE.

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ICEmobile Containers vs Native Mobile Apps

ICEmobile includes native mobile applications called "containers" that install directly on a mobile device. These provide native device features that are not available through standard HTML5 markup such as camera, camcorder, microphone, augmented reality, and Cloud Push, all via a simple JavaScript API. Of course, ICEmobile provides JSF components and JSP tags for these rich device features as well. ICEmobile Containers are available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Learn more about the ICEmobile Containers Architecture.

JSFCentral: Ted Goddard on ICEfaces and ICEmobile

JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann talks with Ted Goddard about ICEfaces, ICEmobile, JSF 2.2, and more.

Download and listen to the podcsat interview, or read the transcript

Upcoming Training Online

Introduction to JSF & ICEfaces: A 3-day Online Course

February  26, 27, 28
(North America
& Europe)
08:00am - 11:00am PST (UTC -8 hrs) San Francisco
11:00am - 14:00pm EST ( UTC -5 hrs) New York
16:00pm - 19:00pm BST (UTC +1 hrs) London
17:00pm - 20:00pm CEST (UTC +2 hrs) Frankfurt

This 9-hour course provides an overview into Java Server Faces (JSF) and teaches the basics of developing Rich Enterprise Applications using ICEfaces and JSF. 

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