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Aligning Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

The Mobile Mind Shift presents a real challenge for enterprises - Business sponsors want engaging, responsive, high-quality apps as fast as possible while IT shops push for standards and technologies that are safe, maintainable and cost-efficient. While these different goals would seem to conflict, there are shops that align the needs of business and IT while building a unified approach to delivering enterprise mobility.

Join Forrester Research Analysts Michael Facemire and Jeffrey Hammond and Brian McKinney from ICEsoft for a discussion of enterprise mobility best practices that successful firms use to keep app development moving forward fast, while also building a firm foundation of skills and technologies for cost-effective app maintenance and continuous improvement.

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ICEfaces EE 3.3.0 Patch 2 is Now Available!

ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA_P02 is a certified ICEfaces Enterprise Edition maintenance patch release. This Enterprise release of ICEfaces includes over 200 fixes and improvements.

ICEfaces EE customers can refer to Release Notes on the Enterprise Wiki for more details. ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA_P02 can be downloaded here.

ICEmobile 1.3.1 Update

Coming Soon! - Look for ICEmobile 1.3.1 and ICEmobile EE 1.3.1 in early July, 2014.

Liferay Faces Bridge Security Vulnerabilities

ICEsoft has been made aware of potential portal security vulnerabilities associated with the Liferay Faces Bridge .

Developers using Liferay Portal technology in conjunction with JSF should refer to this Liferay Security Alert for more information.

BridgeIt - A Different Kind of Hybrid

Mobile hybrid solutions are a popular compromise between web-based and native applications. They provide application access to native features while using web-based development techniques. Solutions bundle the web app into a native app that is then downloaded and runs locally on the mobile device.

BridgeIt is different. It eliminates the need for bundling and delivers a purely web-based solution that still has access to native device features. 

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BridgeIt Demo: Accident Report

This accident reporting web application demo showcases some of the BridgeIt features in a real-world context. 

BridgeIt Accident Demo

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