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April 2005   NEWSLETTER

ICEbrowser and ICEreader SDK v6.1 Released

ICEbrowser® and ICEreader® SDK 6.1 are now available. ICEbrowser SDK 6.1 counts over 200 improvements.

Rendering HTML documents in headless environments is now fully supported using the Swing toolkit mode. This is especially useful for server-side deployments where ICEbrowser is often used as a Web crawler engine within J2EE environments. ICEbrowser is also often used in server-headless mode for HTML to image or HTML to PDF conversion applications.

ICEbrowser can now render Flash .swf content embedded in HTML documents via the optional new ICEbrowser Windows Flash Pilot. ICEhttp can now support the Microsoft NTLM Authentication Protocol via the optional new ICEhttp NTLM add-on module. Other notable enhancements in the 6.1 release include:

  • Support for Drag & Drop: Drag selected text or anchor locations to drop targets, including other native applications. Drop text onto HTML form controls from other Java components or native applications.
  • Enhanced Printing, Page Setup, and Print Preview support, including complete support for selective printing of Frameset documents and printing selected content only.
  • Improved text search capabilities, including support for whole word searching and highlighting all matches in the document.
  • Improved content selection capabilities: select text and images with improved accuracy and responsiveness when selecting and scrolling with the mouse, and new support for selecting content using the keyboard.
  • Improved Accessibility support for the JAWS screen-reader application.
  • New reference source code for rapidly adding robust, feature-rich printing and searching capabilities to your application.

ICEsoft continues to offer customers the most robust Web client infrastructure for the broadest range of enterprise deployments. Release 6.1 is the most accurate and robust Java Web client rendering technology currently available. This release marks the eight anniversary of ICEbrowser's introduction and underscores ICEsoft's commitment to continual product enhancement through standards adoption and technology innovation.

For more information on the 6.1 release, refer to the ICEbrowser and ICEreader release notes.

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