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August 2004   NEWSLETTER

We hope it has been a good summer for you so far. In an effort to keep it light, here are just a few recent and relevant articles to keep you engaged.

If you’re interested in finding out more about JavaServer Faces, be sure to check out the link below that provides a great introductory primer.

ICEsoft released the latest update to ICEbrowser in July. It addresses a number of customer driven enhancements. Try it out! Release notes and downloads are available on our web site.

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Web Applications

Nokia, Vodafone team up on Java effort
Nokia and Vodafone have positioned themselves at the forefront of further developing Java for mobile devices, with the ultimate aim of creating more consistent platforms across various handsets. Read more.

Myths about using business apps online
The Web has been gradually adopted as an enterprise computing architecture replacing the traditional Thick Client architecture. It significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for applications and enables universal deployment and centralized management. Outlined are the top-eight myths about the Web that often restrict companies from reaping the full benefits of Internet technology. In addition to presenting these myths, truths to help you make better decisions for your business applications are also outlined. Read more.
Web Services
Google continues to grow a top notch Java team with Cedric Beust
Google is growing a top notch team of Java developers. The latest addition is Cedric Beust, who left BEA to jump over to the world of Google. Read more here.
The Java Developer
Developing Web Applications with JavaServer Faces
For anyone interested in a technical introduction to JavaServer Faces, Sun has a good article at this link.

Looking for 2004 JavaOne Conference Content?
PDFs from the 2004 JavaOne conference are now available on JavaOne Online for free. Download them here.

ICEsoft News
ICEsoft Announces the Release of ICEbrowser 6.01
ICEsoft Technologies released ICEbrowser SDK 6.01 and ICEreader SDK 6.01 in July. Details are available in the Release Notes. Customers with current maintenance agreements may download the latest version by accessing the customer login area at
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