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December 2004   NEWSLETTER

As this issue's stories suggest, 2005 will be an interesting year in the world of Java. JBoss appears to be recognizing the need for integrated client-server solutions, which is consistent with ICEsoft's view of the importance of integrated Java clients. Nexaweb is promoting a similar view. And whether .Net or Java is the platform technology, Rich-client capability will grow further as an important requirement.

If you have an interest in the history of computing, check out the article on the Lunar Lander. Just for fun!

Season's Greetings from ICEsoft. See you in the New Year!

In This Issue

Web Applications
On-demand apps demand a richer browser
Can the browser meet the demands of on-demand? On-demand apps are by definition Web apps. That won’t come as a shock to enterprises because most of the latest internally deployed enterprise apps — besides a few client/server holdouts — already rely on the browser to deliver user experience. Read this article. Discuss this article.
A first look at Apache Geronimo
When released, Geronimo will be the first J2EE-certified open source server. This article will give you the basics you need for developing and deploying J2EE applications on Geronimo. Examples include a simple Web application, a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connection pool, and a simple EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) component. Read this article. Discuss this article.
The Java Developer
JBoss eyes front-end technologies
JBoss is considering moving beyond middleware with a framework that will make it easier for companies to develop Web applications in Java. Read this article. Discuss this article.

Getting around JSF: The role of JSP
In this excerpt from JSF in Action, author Kito Mann explains how Java Server Pages fits with Java Server Faces. Read this article. Discuss this article.

J2EE and .NET
Microsoft to Appeal Browser Plug-in Ruling
Microsoft will face a panel of U.S. Circuit Court judges Thursday and try once again to overturn a ruling that the ActiveX technology used in its Internet Explorer browser infringes on a patent. Read the article. Discuss the article.
Is it time to leave Internet Explorer behind?
Microsoft's popular Web browser is riddled with security holes--some of which the software giant has yet to patch. How can you protect yourself?. Read the article. Discuss the article.
Client-side Java strikes back
In 1996, when the Web was just coming into its own, Java Applets quickly became the talk of the town in the developer community. People were very optimistic and excited about the possibilities it presented for creating a "new way" of computing over the Web. However, at that time, client-side Java was not robust or mature enough to support this movement and the excitement did not sustain. Read the article. Discuss the article.
ICEsoft News
ICEsoft Releases ICEpdf 1.2.1
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ICEpdf™ 1.2.1. ICEpdf is a 100 percent Java software development kit for rendering PDF documents. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone document viewer or as a lightweight component tightly integrated into Java applications, and can be combined with ICEbrowser SDK to view PDF content embedded in HTML.

This multi-platform PDF viewer technology supports embedded TrueType fonts, font substitution, ToUnicode CMaps, and Acrobat standard security. Typical PDF viewer functionality such as viewing, scaling, navigating, and printing are fully supported. PDF documents can be exported to multiple image formats such as JPG, PNG, and SVG. ICEpdf can be deployed as part of a client application via Java applet or Java Web Start technology, or integrated into a server-side solution as a servlet.

This release contains a number of improvements to the parsing and rendering of PDF documents. For more information, see the ICEpdf 1.2.1 Release Notes. Read the article. Discuss the article.

Something Completely Different

The Lunar Module Computer
Here's a challenge...

Develop a system that can control a 13,000 kg spaceship, orbiting at 3,500 kilometers per hour around the moon, land it safely within meters of a specified location and guide it back from the surface to rendezvous with a command ship in lunar orbit. The system has to work the first time, and minimize fuel consumption because the spacecraft only contains enough fuel for one landing attempt. Read the article. Discuss the article.

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