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October 5 , 2005   NEWSLETTER

Product Release Announcement - ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., announces the release of ICEfaces™ v0.2.0 Alpha.

ICEfaces is the industry's first standards-compliant solution for rapidly creating rich web applications that are easily maintained, extended and scaled, at a lower cost. ICEfaces is an extension to JavaServer™ Faces that hides most of the complexity of rich web development from the developer, allowing developers to rapidly create all Java, thin client, rich web applications.

This release contains a number of significant product improvements as well as additional support for MyFaces custom components. Here is a summary of the new features included in this release of ICEfaces:

Direct-to-DOM Rendering:

  • Rendering APIs (both Java and JavaScript) have been published in support of Direct-to-DOM render kit development for custom components. This allows developers to make existing JSF components Direct-to-DOM enabled.
  • Tutorials and example source code are provided that illustrate how Direct-to-DOM renderers are developed.

ICEfaces Framework:

  • Concurrent DOM Views provide support for viewing an ICEfaces application in multiple browser windows from a single browser session.

MyFaces Standard Extended and Custom Component Support:

  • Direct-to-DOM renderkit for MyFaces standard extended components is provided.
  • Direct-to-DOM renderkit, including source code, for MyFaces custom components is provided. The following custom components are included: tree, tabbed pane, data scroller, layout, navigation, panel stack, sort header, and swap image.

Pricing and Availability

ICEfaces v0.2.0 Alpha is available immediately. The Alpha is free for development and deployment. For more information or to download a free version, visit

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