February 2008

ICEfaces 1.7 -Beta 1 is Now Available!

ICEfaces v1.7 Beta1 is a beta-test release that provides a feature-complete preview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.7 release. Notable enhancements in this release include:


  • New Divider Panel (Split Pane)
  • New Media Player Component. This component provides the ability to display the following media content in ICEfaces pages.
    • Flash
    • Quicktime
    • Windows Media
    • RealPlayer
  • DataTable Enhancements
    The ICEfaces Table has been enhanced to support the following new features:
    • User-resizable dataTable columns
    • Multi-row headers and headers that span multiple columns
    • Row-level grouping - individual cells can span multiple dataTable rows
  • Popup Tooltip Panels
  • Menubar Popup Menu

XHTML Compliance:

The ICEfaces Component Suite components now render browser markup that is XHTML v1.0 Transitional compliant, as defined by the W3C specification.

Enhanced Portal Support:

ICEfaces 1.7-Beta introduces support for the following additional portal containers:

  • Apache Pluto
  • Jetspeed 2
  • Improved support for BEA WebLogic Portal.

For more information on ICEfaces 1.7-Beta 1, see this Forum announcement.

Click here to download ICEfaces 1.7-Beta1.

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