“The integration of Seam and ICEfaces validates the strength of the Seam ecosystem and underscores our commitment to developer choice and productivity by supporting multiple Ajax technologies within Seam. With ICEfaces 1.6, developers can transparently add Ajax to their Seam applications and benefit from the collaboration capabilities of Ajax Push and the productivity gains of auto-generating ICEfaces + Seam applications with SeamGen.”

Gavin King, project lead for JBoss Seam, JBoss, a division of Red Hat.

July 2007

ICEfaces 1.6.0 Is Here! - Featuring JBoss Seam Integration

The ICEfaces development team has been working closely with the JBoss Seam team to build a vibrant ecosystem of Ajax-based capabilities for Seam. ICEfaces 1.6.0 now offers complete integration with JBoss Seam (1.2.1 GA). Included in this integration are enhancements to SeamGen that support the rapid generation of functional Seam + ICEfaces applications. The ICEfaces 1.6.0 release also contains a number of source code examples, including the ICEfaces + Seam Component Showcase that illustrates the entire ICEfaces rich component suite functioning within a Seam-based application.

Other fixes and enhancements included in ICEfaces 1.6.0:

  • Integration with Liferay Portal
  • Enterprise Production Suite (EPS) has been open sourced
  • Support for JSF 1.2
  • Early integration with Spring Web Flow
  • New application server support; Glassfish, SAP NetWeaver & Webtide Jetty
  • Updated IDE tool integration bundles
  • New Browser support for Opera and Opera Mobile (preliminary)
  • Support for integrating Apache MyFaces Tomahawk components
  • New Collapsible Panel component
  • Open Ajax Hub compliance
  • ICEfaces Ajax bridge prevents cross-site request forgery exploits
  • more info...

Click here to download ICEfaces 1.6.0. Click here to read the press release.

Enterprise Security with ICEfaces - Whitepaper

The question is simple: Can enterprise application developers deliver Rich Internet Applications using Ajax techniques, but do so in a secure and cost-effective manner?

In this paper we will examine some of the fundamental security issues related to client-centric Ajax techniques, and will show how these issues can be overcome using a server-centric approach based on Java EE and ICEfaces.

To read this whitepaper click here.

Expanded Support (Europe and Asia Pacific)

We are please to announce that our support team has expanded in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Community members and customers will benefit from more timely support in these geographical areas.

New Training Options

The next scheduled Introduction to ICEfaces training is scheduled for July 25-27, 2007 in Irvine, CA. During this 3-day classroom-based course, students will learn how to install and configure their local environment, develop and deploy basic ICEfaces applications, and learn how to integrate ICEfaces with other prominent third party technologies such as JBoss Seam, etc.

Looking for something else? ICEsoft also offers other training programs such as Introduction to Java Server Faces, ICEfaces Application Practicum, or better yet, Customized Training Sessions to meet your specific objectives.

Unable to attend? Not a problem, ICEsoft also offers Remote and Online training events.

For more information on ICEfaces Training click here.

New Services Options

As demand for professional services continues to grow, we have made some changes to better serve growing demand.

ICEsoft provides worldwide professional services related to building rich enterprise applications that are robust, secure, scalable and powerful. Our primary goal is to help you deliver a new class of enterprise web applications with ICEfaces. Each of our offerings is intended to help you build better rich web applications faster. To review our professional services offerings click here.

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