"I have a client that needs an AJAX application and I prototyped the whole thing using ICEfaces. I can't believe how productive I was. The client was amazed. This would have taken me weeks using JavaScript or days using Google Web Toolkit. But I knocked the whole thing off in 8 hours using ICEfaces. What a great programming model. I wish I had invented it."

Dave Ford, Software Developer and Trainer - Smart Soft

March 2007

ICEfaces has reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and overall growth of the ICEfaces developer community. Since the open source announcement in mid-November 2006, ICEfaces has now been downloaded more that 125,000 times and the ICEfaces community is quickly approaching 10,000 developers. Awesome!

Improvements To ICEfaces.org

We are excited about the momentum and are committed to fulfilling the growing needs of this thriving community. The latest updates to ICEfaces.org include the following new developer services:

Jira Issue Tracker: ICEfaces JIRA is a public issue tracking, and project management application dedicated to ICEfaces product development repository. To access ICEfaces JIRA, click here.

SVN Repository: The ICEfaces Subversion (SVN) source code is available for anonymous access. The public SVN repository is updated nightly to reflect changes made during the previous 24 hours. To access the ICEfaces SVN, click here.

Development Builds: The ICEfaces Developer Builds provide an early-access preview of new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in an upcoming ICEfaces release. To download the most recent ICEfaces Developer Build, click here.

JBoss Seam Integration Update

The ICEfaces development team is working closely with the JBoss Seam team to build a vibrant ecosystem of Ajax-based capabilities for Seam. We are currently evolving ICEfaces in a manner that facilitates effective integration not only with Seam but with technologies such as portals and portlets. This effort is going on now and the results will be made available to the community as part of the 1.6.0 development cycle, including regular Developer Builds going forward (every 2-3 weeks).

Support, Training And Professional Services

As demand for support, professional services and training continues to grow, we have made some changes to better serve growing demand.

Training: Introduction to ICEfaces course is now being offered. Introduction to ICEfaces is an intense 3-day course that teaches developers the basics of developing rich enterprise applications with ICEfaces. Click here for more information.

Support Options: New support options have been introduced, click here to review.

Professional Services: Many companies have taken advantage of our Quick Start program to get the ball rolling with their development effort. ICEsoft offers a suite of short and long term professional services, click here for more information.

Some Of Our Most Recent Customers

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