November 2007

Happy Birthday ICEfaces!

It has been a year now since ICEfaces was open sourced and the community was created.  And what a year it has been!  With over 370,000 product downloads and community enrollment approaching 25,000 developers, ICEfaces has quickly become the Java EE industry standard enterprise Ajax solution.

We've seen tremendous adoption of ICEfaces across all sectors of industry. In only one year, ICEfaces is already being used by more than 66% of Forbes Global and Fortune 100 companies. We continue to see large-scale enterprises standardizing on ICEfaces as their application framework of choice to deliver rich enterprise applications.  Check out Who’s Using ICEfaces and what customers and the community are saying about ICEfaces on this Testimonials page.

Overall it has been a phenomenal first year!  So Happy Birthday to ICEfaces and thanks to the community for making it all possible.  Rest assured we won’t be kicking back and taking it easy.  We hope you will continue to work with us to make the second year even more productive and exciting than the first one!

To read Brian's Happy Birthday ICEfaces blog, click here.

ICEfaces Partners with MyEclipse

ICEfaces has partnered with the MyEclipse team to deliver superior Ajax capabilities to MyEclipse users at no additional cost.

ICEfaces is now available to MyEclipse users via the MyEclipse "Community Essentials" program. The ICEfaces integration provides new project templates for rapidly creating working ICEfaces code and support for the MyEclipse JSF visual designer. ICEfaces rich pallet of over 50 Ajax-enabled components provides a complete solution for the development of RIAs using pure Java and JSF.

To access the ICEfaces integration within MyEclipse, go to MyEclipse > Install features > ICEfaces AJAX Tooling for JavaEE. Get started with this MyEclipse ICEfaces Tutorial.

ICEfaces 1.7 DR #2

This pre-production developer release includes several notable features:

New ICEfaces Components

  • Popup/Context Menu: This component is used to display a popup context menu when the user clicks the context menu (typically right-mouse button).
  • Rich Text Editor: This component provides comprehensive support for editing rich text and html content. This component leverages the industry-leading FCKeditor JavaScript library.
  • ICEfaces Google Maps: This component supports display of interactive Google Maps.

Improved Ajax Security
ICEfaces is a "Defect Free Project" (has no serious security vulnerabilities) as reported by the Fortify Java Open Review Project.

Click here to download ICEfaces 1.7 DR#2.

Mobile Ajax Momentum

Excerpt from Steve's Blog: ICEfaces and Mobile Ajax.

We have been pretty involved with exploring the applicability of ICEfaces in the Mobile Ajax space recently, so wanted to keep everyone in the loop. As it turns out, given our existing support for the mobile Opera and Safari browsers we have a pretty good story around mobile ICEfaces applications today. In fact, we have a customer, C3 Solutions, that has already developed a mobile enterprise system based on ICEfaces. Ted also blogged about ICEfaces on the iPhone recently, illustrating a number of our demo applications running.

Key to ICEfaces suitability for Mobile Ajax applications is the server-centric nature of the framework. To begin with, the application runs as a pure JSF application, so the server does all the heavy lifting, utilizing only the lightweight Ajax bridge to facilitate the Ajax interactions. Regardless of application complexity, with ICEfaces, the client side of the deployment is a fixed, lightweight piece of JavaScript that is well-suited to resource-constrained mobile devices, provided they support a modern mobile browser.

To read the rest of Steve's Blog, click here. To see ICEfaces Mobile Ajax Demos, click here.