September 2007

ICEfaces 1.6.1 is Now Available

ICEsoft is pleased to announce the availability of ICEfaces 1.6.1. ICEfaces 1.6.1 is a maintenance release that includes over 80 improvements and fixes. This release now supports JBoss Seam 2.0.0 (CR1 release or newer) in addition to Seam v1.2.1 GA.

For more information, please refer to the ICEfaces 1.6.1 Release Notes.

Click here to download ICEfaces 1.6.1.

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Project Spotlight

Asynchronous HTTP Server (AHS)

The AHS was open sourced with the 1.6.0 release making ICEfaces entirely open source. The AHS overcomes the limitations of the standard Servlet model where each outstanding asynchronous XMLHttpRequest occupies its own thread causing thread requirements to grow linearly with the number of clients. AHS is particularly important for applications delivering Ajax Push to a large number of users.

The AHS handles thread-level scalability issues. It is designed to support single as well as clustered application server deployments with one or more ICEfaces applications deployed on it. To download the AHS, click here. For more information on AHS, please review the AHS Development Guide.

Upcoming Events

Rich Web Experience and BEAWorld

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AjaxWorld 2007

Click here to register. ICEfaces Related Sessions:

ICEfaces and Mobile Ajax
Speaker: Stephen Maryka, CTO
Date: Tuesday, September 25th
Time: 2:30 - 3:00

Abstract: As interest in mobile Ajax gathers in the wake of the Apple iPhone release, the ICEfaces open source project is poised to deliver mobile Ajax solutions today. Come to this presentation and find out why the server-centric nature of the ICEfaces technology provides inherent advantages in the mobile space. During the discussion you will get a brief overview of the ICEfaces technology, and will see how it is applicable to resource-constrained mobile devices. You will also see a live demonstration of a mobile ICEfaces application running on both the Safari and Opera mobile browsers. Finally, you will learn about some of the emerging best practices for mobile Ajax application design, and get a a glimpse of the ICEfaces roadmap for mobile Ajax.

AJAX Push for Web 2.0 Collaboration
Speaker: Dr. Ted Goddard, Senior Architect
Date: Monday, September 24th
Time: 9:15 - 10:00

Abstract: The Web has evolved from a document repository into a user-created collaboration medium. Applications can be communication tools, connecting people in application-specific ways. The key is AJAX Push, which allows the Web server to update any part of any page at any time. This session introduces AJAX Push and multi-user Web applications. Stepping through the development of a multi-user slideshow and chat system, attendees will learn how JavaServer Faces and the open source ICEfaces framework allows developers and designers to focus on their application and apply current skills. Attendees will take away practical information on JavaServer Faces, AJAX, AJAX Push, and ICEfaces.

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