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March 3 , 2005  NEWSLETTER

Product Release Announcement - ICEpdf 1.3

ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ICEpdf® 1.3. ICEpdf is a 100 percent Java product for rendering PDF documents. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone document viewer or as a lightweight component tightly integrated into Java applications, and can be combined with ICEbrowser SDK or ICEbrowser BEAN to view PDF content embedded in HTML.

This multi-platform PDF viewer technology supports embedded TrueType fonts, font substitution, ToUnicode CMaps, and Acrobat standard security. Typical PDF viewer functionality such as viewing, scaling, navigating, and printing are fully supported. PDF documents can be exported to multiple image formats such as JPG, PNG, and SVG. ICEpdf can be deployed as part of a client application via Java applet or Java Web Start technology, or integrated into a server-side solution as a servlet.

This release contains a number of improvements to the parsing and rendering of PDF documents. ICEpdf now renders an even wider range of PDF documents faster and more accurately, including those created through a variety of PDF generators. The ICEpdf Viewer RI now offers drag and drop functionality for opening PDFs, and several UI improvements have been made. For more information, see the ICEpdf 1.3 Release Notes.

Release Details

Complete information on the release may be found in the release notes contained in the download bundle, or by viewing the online release notes:

ICEpdf Release Notes

Developer's Guide

The Developer's Guide contains comprehensive information on developing applications using the ICEpdf product. This is available in the download bundle or may be viewed online:

ICEpdf Developer's Guide

If you have purchased ICEpdf 1.x with maintenance, you may download the new version through the customer download login at

Visit our web site for product information and trial download software:

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