Oct 2nd, 2008

Product Release Announcement - ICEpdf 2.7

ICEpdf version 2.7 introduces the following significant enhancements to ICEpdf:

  • Support for the following pattern shading types:
    • Type2 Axial Shadings.
    • Type3 Radial Shadings.
  • Support for stitching function (type 3) objects.
  • Improved CMYK to RGB colour conversion.
  • Support for the Substance L&F (https://substance.dev.java.net/).
  • Fixed an issue where the reading of system fonts could result in an incomplete or missing font substitution list.
  • Improved font substitution detection for WingDings, ZapfDingbats and Symbol fonts.
  • Resolved rare clipping issue for xForm PDF objects which resulting in incorrect rendering.
  • Fixed a font advance calculations for both Type1 and Type3 font types.

ICEpdf is 100 percent pure Java and can be used with any Java SE or Java EE JVM, v1.3.1 or greater. ICEpdf is also compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris. It is fully deployable using standard mechanisms for Java application deployment, such as an Applet or via Java Web Start. It can be deployed to client workstations for interactive PDF viewing and to headless server environments for non-visual PDF content conversion and extraction applications.


ICEpdf 2.7 is available for immediate download for existing customers with active maintenance agreements click here.

A free evaluation version is available here.

About ICEsoft Technologies:

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