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December 12, 2005  NEWSLETTER

Product Release Announcement - ICEpdf 2.5 Beta

ICEpdf 2.5 Beta introduces support for static rendering of PDF forms. In addition, ICEpdf 2.5 Beta now supports the most common PDF annotation types.

ICEpdf is the leading Java PDF rendering technology available on the market today. ICEpdf is designed to fully support PDF document viewing within Java applications in a manner not possible with the native Adobe Reader® application.

Here is a detailed list of the new features included in this Beta release of ICEpdf:

Support for rendering PDF Forms:

  • Push Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Text Fields
  • Choice Fields

Support for rendering Annotations, including the most common annotation types, including:

  • Markup & Text Markup
  • Text & Free Text
  • Line, Square, Circle, Polygon, Polyline, etc.

Support for user-selectable viewer page layouts:

  • Single page view (Single Page)
  • One column view (Continuous)
  • Two page left/right view (Facing)
  • Two column left/right view (Continuous - Facing)

ICEpdf is 100 percent pure Java and can be used with any J2SE or J2EE JVM, v1.3.1 or greater. ICEpdf 2.0 is also compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris.  It is fully deployable using standard mechanisms for Java application deployment, such as an Applet or via Java Web Start. It can be deployed to client workstations for interactive PDF viewing and to headless server environments for non-visual PDF content conversion and extraction applications.


ICEpdf 2.5 Beta is available immediately as a free trial download upon request. Please submit this Support Request Form and an ICEsoft support representative will be happy to assist you.

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