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ICEfaces 2.0 Beta 1

ICEfaces 2.0 Beta 1 is now available for Download!

ICEfaces v2.0 Beta 1 is the first Beta release for the next-generation of ICEfaces, designed for JSF 2.0.

Notable changes included in this release are:
  • Consolidated Compatibility Libraries
  • Renamed ResourceServlet
  • Finalized Public APIs
  • New Support for DOM Compression
  • New Delta-Submit Feature
  • Expanded Encoding Support
  • Mojarra JSF v2.0.3 Support
  • General Bug Fixes
  Download ICEfaces v2.0 Beta 1  Release Notes  |  Documentation  |  Roadmap Update

ICEpdf 4.1!

ICEpdf 4.1 is now available for Download!

ICEpdf v4.1 is a certified production release that introduces important new features such as JPEG2000, pattern tiling and group transparency support as well as Chinese message bundles for the viewer RI.

See a list of notable changes and enhancements included in this release.

Download ICEpdf v4.1  Release Notes  About ICEpdf

ICEfaces 2.0 & JSF 2.0 Updates

ICEfaces 2.0 is the new version of the ICEfaces framework that integrates with JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0. With ICEfaces 2.0, our goal is to deliver the highest value existing ICEfaces features, as well as important new enhancements, cleanly integrated into the JSF 2.0 platform.

Benefits of ICEfaces 2.0 include:

  • Direct-to-DOM Rendering
  • Enhanced Ajax
  • New Window Scope
  • New Client APIs
  • Improved Ajax Push
  • Streamlined Configuration
  • ICEfaces 1.x API & Component Compatibility
  • Minimized Dependencies
  • Enhanced JSF 2.0 Tooling
More Details on the Benefits of ICEfaces 2.0  Roadmap Updates

2010 ICEfaces Blog Contest Winners!

Over 70 people participated in the "Blog about ICEfaces" Contest. Thanks to all those who participated.

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