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Achieving Rich Clients With JavaServer™ Faces

Join us at JavaOne 2005 for this session.

JavaServer Faces™ (JSF™) is recognized as the leading new technology for building conventional web applications, but the modular architecture of JSF also lends itself to applications with "Rich Client" characteristics. Conceptually, Rich Clients solve a number of typical web application user interface (UI) problems brought about by the limited set of HTML UI controls, the need for full UI refresh for any user input, and the lack of application-initiated UI updates.

This session steps through several JSF Renderer implementations and demonstrations, presenting techniques for delivering Rich Client UI features with little or no change to standard JSF applications.

Beginning with UI control enhancements, you learn how to reliably use JavaScript™ programming language in component renderers. Building on this, more advanced JavaScript technology usage with XMLHttpRequest will be applied to allow user input to the application without fully refreshing the page. Finally, as an alternative that avoids the pitfalls of JavaScript technology, a renderer implementation that operates directly on the Document Object Model (DOM) of the browser is demonstrated and presented in detail. Rendering directly to the browser DOM bypasses network and XML serialization overhead, resulting in appreciable performance gains, richer user interaction, and application-initiated asynchronous updates of the user interface.

In this session you'll learn a spectrum of techniques that will help you enhance conventional web applications or transform them into rich applications.

Session Date: June 28, 2005
Time: 12:15 PM
Duration: 60 Minutes
Venue/Room: Moscone Center/Esplan 307-310

Speaker Details
Ted Goddard - Biography

Ted Goddard received his PhD in Mathematics in 1996, answering open problems in complexity theory and infinite colorings for ordered sets, and proceeded with post-doctoral research in component and web-based collaborative technologies. Following work at Java Software, Sun Microsystems, he was a device management and XML architect at Wind River, participating in the IETF NETCONF design team. Ted is currently a Senior Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., developing client and server frameworks for standards based enterprise applications.

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