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July 2004   NEWSLETTER

Well, JavaOne was a huge success. Traffic to our booth kept us on our toes and we had a chance talk to quite a few customers. Our web site also saw record levels of download traffic. We’ll be busy through the summer following up. The ICEpdf product has also seen significant customer interest and is being incorporated into a number of existing ICEbrowser installations. Thanks again.

Encouraging feedback from the show and in public articles below has to do with security concerns around IE and the inherent security of Java SDK’s, such as ICEbrowser. We believe that as enterprise web applications continue to proliferate, security will be an overriding concern. The roll out of Web Services will only make this requirement more urgent, most likely lead to further standards evolution. Web client security is a central benefit of ICEsoft products and a key element in our future product road map. Look for more in future product releases.

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Web Applications

JavaOne: Sun Unveils NetBeans 4.0
Sun Microsystems, the creator and leading advocate of Java TM technology, today announced release of 4.0 of the NetBeansTM project. The NetBeans 4.0 integrated development environment (IDE) will have the capability to develop full Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) applications, including support for Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) technology and Web serviced, as well as mobile development support. Read the full story.

Web Services
Getting Ready for the Web Services Tipping Point
End-users, vendors and press alike often ask the question, “So when are we finally going to see widespread adoption of Web Services and SOAs?” Read more at
The Java Developer
IBM’s Rational Software Unit Grids for Microsoft Competition
IBM's Rational Software unit says it plans to expand the ranks of Java developers and compete with Microsoft's Visual Studio tools for more enterprise developers. Read more at

JavaOne: Sun opens Looking Glass, sees more Java clients
Sun Microsystems Inc. is releasing the source code for a user interface technology that provides users with a 3-D view of their PC desktop, part of an effort to drive greater use of Java on PCs and other client devices. Read more here.

J2EE and .NET - Security!
Sun CEO lashes out at Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat
During an otherwise sedate keynote address Tuesday at Sun Microsystems Inc.'s JavaOne conference, Sun chairman and CEO Scott McNealy openly criticized the security of Microsoft's products, IBM's insistence that Sun open source Java and Red Hat's refusal to participate in Java. Read more at this link.
IE Users, Proceed with Caution - If at ALL
Opinion: With more exploits popping up every day, enterprises need to start thinking seriously about alternatives such as Mozilla and Opera, Senior Analyst Jason Brooks writes. Read more at,1759,1619846,00.asp
IE May Share Shell Hole Found in Mozilla
On the same day that Microsoft released seven new security bulletins for the Windows operating system, four new "extremely critical" vulnerabilities in the Internet Explorer Web browser were announced Tuesday by a Denmark-based computer security firm. Read more here.
IE Does Not Properly Validate Source of Redirected Frames
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) does not adequately validate the security context of a frame that has been redirected by a web server. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to evaluate script in different security domains. By causing script to be evaluated in the Local Machine Zone, the attacker could execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user running IE. Read more at
ICEsoft News
ICEsoft Announces the Release of ICEbrowser 6.01
ICEsoft Technologies today announced the release of ICEbrowser SDK 6.01 and ICEreader SDK 6.01. Details of the release are availabe in the Release Notes. Customers with current maintenance agreements may download the latest version by accessing the customer login area at

SYS-CON interviews ICEsoft at JavaOne
SYS-CON radio interviews Robert Lepack, Director of Business Development for ICEsoft. Robert offers his observations of JavaOne and provides some insight into ICEsofts views of the changing Java landscape. Listen to the interview at

ICEbrowser Integrated into Triversity Transactionware Enterprise
ICEsoft Technologies Inc., today announced that Triversity Inc, the leader in customer-centric solutions for the retail industry, has adopted ICEbrowser® as its primary HTML rendering engine for Transactionware Enterprise™. Read the full release at
ICEbrowser Integrated into Jive Live Assistant
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., today announced that Jive Software, the leader in collaborative support software, has adopted ICEbrowser® SDK for integration with Jive Live Assistant, a product that facilitates real-time conversations with customers from a company’s website. Read the full release at
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