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June 1, 2004   NEWSLETTER

ICEsoft Announces the Release of ICEpdf
ICEsoft releases a Java PDF viewer compatible with its Java browser SDK

CALGARY, Alberta. — June 1, 2004 — ICEsoft Technologies today announced the release of ICEpdf™, a 100 percent Java software development kit for rendering PDF documents. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone document viewer, as a lightweight component tightly integrated into Java applications, or combined with ICEbrowser® SDK to view PDF content embedded in HTML. PDF is the de facto standard for reliable distribution of electronic documents on the World Wide Web.

This multi-platform PDF viewer technology supports Embedded TrueType Fonts, Font Substitution and “ToUnicode CMaps”. Typical PDF viewer functionality such as viewing, scaling, navigation and printing are fully supported. PDF documents can also be exported to multiple image formats such as JPG, PNG or SVG. ICEpdf can be deployed as part of a client application via Java Applet or Web-Start technology, or integrated into a server-side solution as a Servlet.

ICEpdf complements ICEsoft’s existing portfolio of SDK products. It allows developers to implement PDF-rendering capabilities in Java applications. ICEpdf is built on a portable Java platform and can easily be deployed on any Java 2D-compliant JDK (JDK 1.3.1 or greater). The application GUI is completely customizable by the application developer allowing seamless integration and branding. Together, ICEbrowser and ICEpdf provide a complete client-rendering platform for enterprise Java developers and J2EE applications.

“PDF is unquestionably the industry standard for the intermediate representation of printed material in electronic prepress systems for conventional printing applications," said Rob Lepack, director of product management, ICEsoft Technologies. "The utility of ICEpdf represents a significant enhancement for ICEsoft customers who wish to broaden the capability of their Web application investments.”

Hundreds of millions of PDF documents have been distributed around the world, facilitating efficient electronic access to and sharing of information. As major corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions streamline their operations by replacing paper-based workflow with electronic exchange of information, the impact and opportunity for the deployment of PDF-rendering capabilities continues to grow at a rapid pace.



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