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March 2004   NEWSLETTER

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the ICEsoft Newsletter. This publication is a forum to share ideas and high light pertinent articles in the Java industry of relevance to Java application developers. In this issue, we provide a sampling of articles addressing Web Clients, Application development and Web Services. We also sprinkle in some ICEsoft news. As this is intended to enhance your Java perspective, we encourage your comments and feedback to

In This Issue

Web Clients

Integrated Platforms Deliver Faster Time to Value
In the study conducted by Gartner Consulting for BEA, "Application Platform Suites: An Architectural Cost Analysis”, an analysis of enterprise applications implemented on integrated and non-integrated platforms found that an integrated platform significantly reduces time-to-market and IT costs for application development, integration and ongoing operations. Read more about these studies.

What Makes a Smart Client So Smart?
The term Smart Client was coined to highlight the differences between the typical "Rich Client" applications of yesteryear and the next generation of client applications. To understand these differences, and to understand how they are likely to change the face of client-side computing, it is useful to take a trip down memory lane...go with David Hill down memory lane and see what lies ahead for smart clients here.

Web Applications
Building Web Applications in WebLogic - from Chapter 1
Web applications are an important part of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform, because the Web components are responsible for key client-facing presentation and business logic. A poorly designed Web application will ruin the best business-tier components and services. In this chapter, we will review key Web application concepts and technologies and their use in WebLogic Server. Continue this article.
Application, Heal Thyself
The debugger architecture—and the trend to make Java more dynamic—means that programs could analyze and manipulate themselves as they execute. Good unit testing and test coverage analysis procedures can keep you from ever having to start up a debugger. Java programmers may not use debuggers as much as C++ programmers because Java's design discourages the occurrence of certain errors. For examples go here.
Web Services
Quickstudy: SOA by Russell Kay
An SOA (service-oriented architecture) is a computing structure in which a software application contains only the logic specific to its immediate task and uses a set of services on a network to do more generic task
Given the buzz about SOA today, let's make a few important points: The concept isn't new, it's not a technology per se, it isn't just the use of XML and Web services, and it's a good deal more than a development methodology. Want to read more from Computer World’s editorial, click here.

The Rush to SOA - Vendors move to service orientation, but is the enterprise being served?
Service-oriented architectures are on the minds and in the presentations of many vendors these days. As scrambling hardware and software vendors add to, modify or acquire technology to SOA-enable their offerings, varied solutions are emerging to help the enterprise arrive at what one analyst said is the same end. The goal is to “deliver a service that’s transparent to the user, and at the point in time when they need that service, it’s not determined by or linked to the underlying infrastructure,” said Mark Shainman, an analyst with research firm Meta Group Inc. Read more.

ICEsoft News
ICEsoft's Technology Used by NASA's Mars Rover Mission
As NASA's twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are exploring opposite sides of the Red Planet, ICEbrowser is allowing NASA to seamlessly incorporate an HTML rendering engine into its Web-based MERBoard, thereby supporting all its collaborative sites. Read more.
ICEsoft Closes 2003 with Ten Million Units Deployed; Customer Preference Grows for ICEsoft Java Platforms to Solve Web Java Client Challenges
ICEsoft Technologies Inc., the leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software, closed 2003 with 10,000,000 units of ICEsoft products installed with customers. A broad base of companies is turning to ICEsoft technology as the client-side solution for their Java-based enterprise applications and web services. Read more.

About ICEsoft
ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is the world's leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software for enterprise applications, embedded systems and Web services. ICEsoft and its ICEreader and ICEbrowser brands are well known in the JAVA development community. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, ICEsoft has customers in over 35 countries and is on the Web at

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