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March 2005   NEWSLETTER

Editor’s Picks

Security and the Custom Client

The Java channel on FTP Online recently featured an article titled "Security and the Custom Client:Learn what you can do to secure your corporate applications and critical customer data more effectively".

The security threats to network-based applications and client data are greater than ever and are forcing enterprises to re-evaluate their options. To combat these threats, large and small corporations alike are now turning to custom client technology. This article, written by ICEsoft's senior software architect, Ted Goddard, looks at the security challenges facing conventional application deployment and describes how many enterprises are combating the threat by using customized clients to render their enterprise web applications. Read and discuss the full article here.

Upcoming ICEbrowser Release

ICEbrowser SDK 6.1 is scheduled for release at the end of March. Here's an overview of the enhancements you can expect to see in this upcoming release:

  • New support for HTTP NTLM authentication via an optional add-on to ICEbrowser SDK.
  • Improved content selection capabilities: the ability to select images; improved accuracy and responsiveness when selecting and scrolling with the mouse; and new support for selecting content using the keyboard.
  • New support for drag and drop: drag selected text or anchor locations to drop targets, including other native applications; drop text onto HTML form controls from other Java components or native applications.
  • Enhanced printing, page setup, and print preview support, including complete support for selective printing of Frameset documents and printing selected content only.
  • Full support for headless environments (HTML to image, PDF, etc.)
  • Improved text search capabilities, including support for whole word searching and highlighting all matches in the document.
  • Improved CSS support for floats, relative positioning, and z-index with form elements.
  • Improved layout, through better dynamic HTML responsiveness for JavaScript menus and effects.

Also In This Issue

Web Applications
Designing and Implementing Web Application Interfaces
Designing a good user interface is never easy, but designing a web application interface is especially challenging. In this article, I first give you some general advice about design considerations for web application interfaces and about how to pick the appropriate implementation technology. I then dive into the details about one aspect of a web application interface using JavaServer Faces, specifically, how to customize the standard error messages. Read this article. Discuss this article.
Web Services
Sun Revamps Java Enterprise System
Sun Microsystems is broadening its Java Enterprise System network services software package, releasing middleware suites tailored to functions such as service-oriented architectures and collaboration. The Java Enterprise System is also being upgraded. Read this article. Discuss this article.
Event-driven Services in SOA
Responding to real-time changes and events in a timely manner is becoming one of the most important requirements for an enterprise framework. This article discusses technologies and mechanisms that enable a service-oriented framework to effectively respond to real-time stimuli and, therefore, send and receive synchronous and asynchronous events across layers of an architectural stack without knowing the details of the underlying event system. Read this article. Discuss this article.
The Java Developer
JavaServer Faces is Easier than You Think
In this new four-part series, frequent developerWorks contributor Rick Hightower separates FUD from fact to show you that, actually, JSF can be easier to use than MVC Model 2 frameworks such as Struts. If you know what you're doing, that is. Read this article. Discuss this article.
Integrating JSF with Struts in Your J2EE Applications
This article briefly introduces JavaServer Faces and Struts, and discusses how to migrate the user-interface elements from Struts to JSF, providing a technique you can use to integrate the two technologies to obtain the best of both worlds. Read this article. Discuss this article.
Sun Seeks Input on Java Imaging Technologies
Sun Microsystems said it has added its Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) and JAI Image I/O Tools projects to the collaboration site for Java developers. Read this article. Discuss this article.
Sun Delivers Security Announcements
Sun Microsystems is at this year's RSA 2005 security conference, under way this week in San Francisco, to give several announcements. And after years of preaching that "the network is the computer," there's a bit of I-told-you-so swagger in the Santa Clara, CA-based systems company. Read this article. Discuss this article.
J2EE and .NET
Antitrust Task Force to Examine Longhorn Next
Although a first Longhorn beta release is still a number of months off, it's not too soon to begin considering whether the next version of Windows might violate antitrust concerns. Plaintiffs who settled their antitrust case with Microsoft in 2001 will start evaluating Longhorn's compliance in mid-February. Read the article. Discuss the article.
IBM Pushes Client-Side Linux with $100M
IBM plans to invest $100 million over three years to support the development of Workplace technologies for Linux users, officials said Thursday. Read the article. Discuss the article.
ICEsoft News
Macromedia Licenses ICEsoft Technology
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software, today announced that Macromedia has incorporated ICEreader® SDK into their J2EE server products. For more information, read the press release.

ICEsoft Technology Drives Swiss Customs Portal
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Java browser and Web access software, today announced that ”Tares”, the Swiss electronic tariff portal, has adopted ICEbrowser and ICEpdf to drive its principal client interface. For more information read the press release.

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