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ICEsoft is marking May with the latest update to our Java product line. The 6.0 releases of ICEbrowser SDK and ICEreader SDK are now generally available. They incorporate a number of new features including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 508 compliance and PDF support. They also include vastly improved printing capabilities as well as numerous CSS enhancements such as line layout and background image support.

ICEbrowser SDK is a Java client software development kit that delivers the most functional Java browser technology available for the development of Web-enabled applications. It offers a set of customizable and extendable browser components for developers of enterprise applications and Web-enabled devices. ICEreader is a robust HTML/XML Web renderer that enables developers to implement HTML-centric search and navigation capabilities in a Java application.

This issue of our newsletter contrasts a few J2EE application development environments. We also add some further reflection on the Longhorn vs Java debate, with a commentary from Adam Bosworth, at BEA.

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Web Applications
Sizing up the Stacks
Developers who want to build and manage the deployment of J2EE applications are both blessed and cursed with choice. They are blessed in that there are several vendors’ integrated suites from which to choose, including components ranging from operating systems to J2EE application servers, databases to portals, and integration engines to software development tools. Read more at
Intel pumps VC cash into JBoss
Java application specialist JBoss today received a vote of confidence from Intel - in the shape of a big investment. Intel Capital joined Accel Partners and Matrix Partners in raising $10m venture capital for the firm. The money will go on product development and marketing. Read more at
Web Services
ESB: Just another TLA?
ZapThink examines the role of ESBs within the context of SOA, and how the nature and relevance of ESBs will necessarily change as companies migrate towards architectures that inherently address the challenge of integration. Read more at
Who Owns Web Services Management?
Does Web services management belong in the domain of the application platforms, does it belong in the domain of the system management platforms, or is it truly a new market? Industry pundits state with absolute certainty that they know the answer. Unfortunately, they don't all come up with the same answer! As you would expect, it's not as clear-cut as any one industry pundit might have you believe. Read more at
The Java Developer
Sun Gives Early Peek at J2EE 1.5
In a session at the Serverside Java Symposium here, Bill Shannon, a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems Inc., and Graham Hamilton, a vice president and fellow in the Java platform team at Sun, discussed the specifics of the next version of the J2EE platform and the ease-of-use features in the current version of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) platform—J2SE 1.5, also known by the code name "Tiger"—upon which J2EE 1.5 is based. Read more at,1759,1587714,00.asp.

BEA’s Bosworth: The World Needs Simpler Java
In a wide-ranging interview, Adam Bosworth, chief architect and senior vice president of BEA Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif., talked to eWEEK senior writer Darryl K. Taft last month and got candid about his plans for XML at BEA, competing with Microsoft, BEA's impact on making Java development easier and lots of other good stuff. Read more at,1761,a=119600,00.asp.

J2EE and .NET
Longhorn Beta Delayed Until 2005
News of the Longhorn delay followed the company’s March 10 announcement that SQL Server 2005 (formerly “Yukon”) and Visual Studio 2005 (formerly “Whidbey”) will not be released until the first half of 2005. All three were previously promised for late 2004. Read more at
Longhorn to Mozilla: Can’t We All Get Along?
Microsoft's technology evangelist is offering "friendly" suggestions to Mozilla open source browser groups and calling for more discussion about how the two sides can benefit from upcoming enhancements in Longhorn, the next version of Windows. Read more at
ICEsoft News

ICEsoft announces the release of ICEbrowser 6.0
Continuing to offer customers the most robust web client infrastructure for the broadest range of applications, ICEsoft Technologies, the leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software, announced release 6.0 of ICEbrowser®-SDK and ICEreader®-SDK. Release 6.0 is the most accurate and robust Java Web client rendering technology currently available. It represents the culmination considerable development effort and refinement with a number of our key customers in mind, including Cisco, Oracle, BEA and IBM. Read more at

ICEsoft announces Java browser support for ADA/Section 508
ICEsoft Technologies Inc., the leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software, announced that the new release of ICEbrowser is compliant with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act. Read more at

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