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November 2004   NEWSLETTER

It is a very dynamic time in the industry. Longhorn is promoting a compelling story, albeit 2-3 years away. Rich Clients Laszlo and Altio, are trying new channel models, through open source or consumer markets. Native browser options are clearly growing beyond the IE monopoly. For its part, ICEsoft is focusing on Java and the next generation JSF platform. As you can see from the Infoworld article below, ICEsoft and Nexaweb offer compelling options for Java centric solutions.

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Web Applications
Solaris Remains Top Choice Among Fortune 100
While Linux and Windows battle for market share at web hosting companies, Solaris remains the leading operating system among the largest U.S. corporations. Solaris powers the web sites of 43 members of the Fortune 100 in the U.S., compared to 32 companies using Windows and 12 running on Linux. Read this article. Discuss this article.
David vs. Goliath vs. Goliath
As chief technology officer of San Francisco start-up Laszlo Systems, Temkin is selling the idea that the long-predicted era has arrived in which software applications will live on Web sites rather than desktops. Now Temkin is betting that a recent open-source gamble will propel his company's vision of Internet applications ahead of its formidable competition. Read this article. Discuss this article.
The Java Developer
Gizmondo creator touts smart phone scheme
It's only just started shipping its Gizmondo handheld games console but Tiger Telematics has already said it plans to challenge the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, PalmOne and Research in Motion with a smart phone product. The announcement follows Tiger's acquisition of UK-based corporate-oriented real-time application delivery software developer Integra SP. Integra's AltioLive product essentially provided a way of connecting clients to enterprise applications through a browser-launched Java client. Read this article. Discuss this article.

ICEsoft and Nexaweb wax where the browser wanes
Web browsers are wonderfully ubiquitous, but they offer substandard user interfaces because they do little to anticipate what the user might want. Most clicks require a round-trip to some distant server over a sometimes dodgy Internet. To make matters worse, the browser is beholden to the user, not the developer. It often prevents the server from doing much except displaying images, a bit of text, and maybe a fancy bit of multimedia -- and then, only if the right plug-in is installed. Two companies, ICEsoft Technologies and Nexaweb, offer Web application developers another option. Read this article. Discuss this article.

J2EE and .NET - Browsers
Firefox cutting into IE’s lead
As Firefox marks its 5 millionth download and moves to retail stores, a survey showed Microsoft's heavyweight Internet Explorer slipping below 90 percent market share. Read the article. Discuss the article.
Rise of the underdog browser
Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser dominance may be slowly eroding, but businesses are still creating Web sites and applications exclusively for IE users. Read the article. Discuss the article.
Time to dump IE?
Internet Explorer is the Swiss Cheese of software—it's full of holes. Holes in software are never good, but when the browser is so integrated with the OS as to be as one—you've got problems. Add to that the sheer ubiquity of the Microsoft browser, and it's no wonder IE has become the hackers' No. 1 playground. Read the article. Discuss the article.
ICEsoft News
ICEbrowser v6.0.2 – Headless Java Supported!
ICEsoft Technologies Inc. has announced the release of ICEbrowser SDK v6.0.2 and ICEreader SDK v6.0.2. Both products now support rendering documents in non-visual and headless Java environments. Previously, documents containing embedded IFrames or Framesets were not fully supported in a non-visual context. Now you can use ICEbrowser or ICEreader in headless server-side deployments, such as an HTML to image service. Read the article. Discuss the article.
ICEsoft Releases ICEpdf v1.2
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ICEpdf™ 1.2. ICEpdf is a 100 percent Java software development kit for rendering PDF documents. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone document viewer or as a lightweight component tightly integrated into Java applications, and can be combined with ICEbrowser SDK to view PDF content embedded in HTML. Read the article. Discuss the article.
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ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is the world's leading provider of Java browser and Java Web access software for enterprise applications, embedded systems, and Web services. ICEsoft and its ICEreader and ICEbrowser brands are well known in the Java development community with an installed base of more than 10,000,000 units in operation, with customers in over 35 countries. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, ICEsoft is on the Web at

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