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October 2004   NEWSLETTER

Are the browser wars back? Well, from our perspective they never ended. One view is that the community had to wait for the IE monopoly and the Microsoft anti-trust suit to work its way through the system. Another is that although this may be topical in the consumer space, enterprise developers have always been deploying the “right” mission-critical client for the job, regardless of what Microsoft says.

Either way, browsers are in the news again and designers will increasingly have to take the needs of a “Rich” heterogeneous client environment into consideration. And as all native browsers continue to be plagued by security breaches, Java browsers demonstrate inherent security crucial in enterprise applications. Secure customizable browsers, JavaServer Faces, and standards-based client solutions will be important considerations in the coming years.

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Web Services
Survey: SOA prominent on 2005 budgets
A recent survey of 473 enterprise buyers by the Yankee Group of Boston revealed that in the next 12 months, 75% plan on investing in the technology and staffing necessary to enable a service-oriented architecture. Read more here.
The Java Developer
JSF: A look from inside
Oracle has been involved in the forming of JavaServer Faces (JSF) from the beginning. In this interview Adam Winer, Oracle representative on the JSF expert group, gives you a unique insight into the JSF development process. Read more here.

JRex – Embedding Mozilla GECKO within a Java Application
Not enough links today for an update so you get JRex instead. It has been updated recently so I figured I'd blog a little on it. Basically as the title says JRex lets you embed Mozilla's GECKO engine in your Java Application. Read more at this link.

Java 5.0 – The “Tiger” Is Out of Its Cage
These days Calvin Austin is one of the busiest people in the Java world: J2SE 5.0, that was also known as the "Tiger" project, is being officially released today! JDJ's Yakov Fain was able to catch Austin, spec lead for Java 5.0, right before the plane from San Francisco to New York where he'll today be presenting the new features of the Java language to the New York Java Users Group. Read more at this link.
NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta 2 Released Today
NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta 2 is now available as both an individual download and also bundled with the newly released production version of J2SE 5.0 - a.k.a. "Tiger." Since the Beta 1 release, over 900 bugs have been fixed including 65 in the performance area. Read more at this link.
AOL Readies Standalone Browser
As the hubbub of alternative Web browsers keeps growing—from speculation over a so-called "Gbrowser" from search-engine leader Google Inc. to the many advances in the open-source Mozilla project—in the background, America Online Inc. has been quietly testing its own Web browser, dubbed "AOL Browser," for more than a month. Read more here.
Google builds a browser
Google is spending some of the cash it raised from its IPO on headhunting staff to build a web browser. Joshua Bloch, a senior Java developer at Sun, and four people from Microsoft's IE team have all joined the firm in the last few weeks, according to the New York Post. Read the full article here.
Why I dumped Internet Explorer
After months waiting for Microsoft to give me a reason to remain loyal, I finally dumped Internet Explorer for the Firefox Web browser last week. Read the article here.
Major browsers bitten by security bugs
For every browser, a security bug. That seemed to be Wednesday's lesson from security information provider Secunia for the developers of the major Internet browsers. The company released information on two common security issues with the tabbed browsing feature found in several flavors of the Mozilla Foundation's browsers, the Opera browser, the Konqueror browser for Linux and two third-party plug-ins that add the feature to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Read the article here.
Have the browser wars been reignited?
People have long assumed that browser wars were over. Microsoft took down upstart Netscape and weathered an ugly antitrust trial after the smoke cleared. One tactic, however, might be backfiring. Tying Internet Explorer to Windows has largely prevented the company from adding new features separately from the operating system. With the next version of Windows due in 2006, that's a five-year gap. In addition, significant security upgrades are being limited to XP versions of IE, leaving about half of Windows users out of the loop--unless they pay to upgrade to XP. Those factors opened the door to other browsers, such as Safari and Firefox. Even Google appears to be readying its own browser. Is this the dawn of Browser Wars II? Read the article here.
ICEsoft News
ICEsoft Releases ICEpdf v1.1
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that ICEpdf™ 1.1 is now available. ICEpdf is a 100 percent Java software development kit for rendering PDF documents. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone document viewer or as a lightweight component tightly integrated into Java applications. ICEpdf can also be combined with ICEbrowser® SDK to view PDF content embedded in HTML. The 1.1 release of this multi-platform PDF viewer technology supports Acrobat standard security. The new security API also controls access to document information and permissions. Customers with current maintenance agreements may download the latest version by accessing the customer login at A trial version is available as an online demo and for download.
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