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ICEsoft Partners with Neotys - Load Test ICEfaces!

ICEsoft is excited to announce a new partnership with Neotys which now offers load and stress testing support for ICEfaces applications.

ICEfaces Technology Partners

Neotys, software provider of NeoLoad, is a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web applications. NeoLoad is a web stress testing software solution that runs high-load scenarios on web applications to measure performance and robustness prior to deployment. 

"NeoLoad’s support for ICEfaces is of great value to ICEfaces customers", says Robert Lepack, VP of Marketing and Business Development for ICEsoft Technologies, “With NeoLoad, ICEfaces enterprise developers can monitor, load test, and analyze application performance all within one environment, enabling them to optimize application performance before deployment.”

Learn more about load testing ICEfaces with NeoLoad. See a demo of how to load test ICEfaces applications with NeoLoad.

ICEfaces customers are eligible for a 10% discount on NeoLoad products, contact us for more details.

Read the full partnership press release here.

ICEfaces 2.0 - Alpha 1 is Now Available!

ICEfaces 2.0 provides the fundamental capability of running the next-generation ICEfaces core on the Mojarra JSF 2.0.1 runtime. You can plug the icefaces.jar into your existing JSF 2 application and immediately receive some of the benefits of ICEfaces Direct-to-DOM rendering, such as providing incremental page updates without the need to specify the JSF 2 "f:ajax" tag. A sample application is included demonstrating ICEfaces 2 with JSF 2 ("h:") standard components, and Ajax Push.

Also included in this release is the initial implementation of the ICEfaces 1.x compatibility libraries, along with sample applications that demonstrate this capability. The ICEfaces 1.x compatibility libraries are used to readily port your existing JSF 1.2 / ICEfaces 1.8 applications to JSF 2.0 / ICEfaces 2.

For notable changes and more details, read the Release Notes.

Download ICEfaces 2.0 Alpha 1.


Online Training
Introduction to ICEfaces and JSF ICEfaces Online Training

Dec. 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2009
(North America and Europe)
08:00am - 11:00am PDT (UTC -7 hrs) San Francisco
11:00am - 14:00pm EDT ( UTC -4 hrs) New York
16:00pm - 19:00pm BST (UTC +1 hrs) London
17:00pm - 20:00pm CEST (UTC +2 hrs) Frankfurt

This 9 hour online course (3 hours a day for 3 days) provides a thorough overview of Java Server Faces (JSF) and teaches the basics of developing rich enterprise applications with ICEfaces and JSF.

  • Target Audience: JSP and Java developers.
  • Prerequisites: Prior experience in Java programming.
  • Price: $450 per person.

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