ICEpdf 4.0 is Available for Download!




ICEpdf 4.0 is Now Available!

ICEpdf v4.0 is now available as a certified production release and ready for download!

ICEpdf 4.0 introduces important new product features and enhancements to both, core rendering product and the ICEpdf viewer application. Some of these new features include:

Core Rendering:

  • PDF Document Editing - ICEpdf now supports document editing and saving for Link Annotation edits.
  • Text Selection - Support for text selection and clipboard functions is introduced in this release.
  • Search Result Highlighting - Search results are now highlighted in the pages that they occur in.
  • Support for JBIG2 image compression.

ICEpdf Viewer Application:

  • New multi-page text selection tool and system clipboard copying.
  • Search results utility pane now shows search results contextually.
  • New Link Annotation tool for creating new annotations.
  • New ability to view / edit / delete link annotations and attributes using the ICEpdf Viewer RI utility pane.
  • Preliminary language support.

Learn more about what's new in ICEpdf 4.0, or refer to the release notes for more details.

Download ICEpdf 4.0

ICEpdf Demos:

ICEpdf Servlet Demo
ICEpdf Servlet Demo
(Web Application)

Demo ICEpdf Servlet
ICEpdf Viewer Demo
(Java Web Start)

About ICEpdf?

ICEpdf is an open source Java PDF library ideal for displaying and printing PDF documents within any Java application. The ICEpdf API is 100% Java-based, lightweight, fast, efficient and very easy to use. ICEpdf is 100% Java-based and is capable of rendering PDFs up to version 1.6 (Acrobat 7.0). Find out more...

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