ICEfaces® RAD Integration


October 7th, 2009


ICEfaces RAD Integration provides ICEfaces support for developers who use Rational Application Developer v7.5.x for ICEfaces application development. This release is built on RAD v7.5.3 but it should work for all v7.5.x.

This release includes
  1. ICEfaces RAD integration tools
  2. ICEfaces Runtime Library v1.8.2
  3. ICEfaces dependent libraries
  4. ICEfaces integration for RAD Page Designer (ICEfaces Library Definition project)
This release includes the initial (beta) release of ICEfaces integration for the RAD Page Designer, via a new ICEfaces definition project to support RAD Page Designer. The ICEfaces definition project is required to be imported into your workspace if you wish to use the beta version of ICEfaces integration for RAD Page Designer (The use of the RAD Page Designer is optional).

Note: Some users may have previously installed ICEfaces Eclipse Tooling into RAD for ICEfaces support. Unfortunately, the ICEfaces Eclipse plugins will conflict with the ICEfaces RAD integration, and must be uninstalled prior to installing ICEfaces RAD Integration bundle.

Changes In This Release

Changes In v0.9.5 Release

Changes In v0.9.1 Release

Known Issues

This is first beta release and it may contains bugs and usability issues. If you notice any bug or have suggestions, please create a new JIRA case in ICEfaces issue tracker or post in forum.


Open source community support is available at

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About ICEfaces

ICEfaces delivers extensions to Java ServerFaces (JSF) that provide an AJAX-enabled rich presentation environment for JSF applications. ICEfaces brings value to any Java EE development project that needs to provide superior presentation capabilities to the web application user. In particular, ICEfaces provides the following features:

Learn More

This ICEfaces release comes with extensive documentation that will help you understand the product thoroughly. Documentation for ICEfaces is available on-line at The following documents are provided in PDF format:

  1. ICEfaces Getting Started Guide: This guide takes you through product installation, environment configuration, demo app installation, and a basic 7-stage tutorial. This guide also contains information related to support for different application server environments and development tools.
  2. ICEfaces Developer's Guide: This guide contains information relevant to developing applications with ICEfaces. It describes the ICEfaces architecture, and explains key concepts that the ICEfaces developer should be aware of. It also provides a complete reference guide that covers APIs, configuration, components (including the ICEfaces Component Suite) and TLDs, and covers advanced topics like server-initiated rendering.

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