ICEfaces®  v3.3.0 /ICEmobile 1.3.0  integration for Netbeans 7.3

release notes

7.3.3 (with support for icefaces 3.3.0/ICEmobile 1.3.0)

July 31st, 2013


ICEfaces Tool Bundle for Netbeans v7.3 provides ICEfaces 3.3.0, ICEmobile 1.3.0 support for developers who use Netbeans for ICEfaces EE application development. Note that ICEfaces EE 3.3.0/ICEmobile 1.3.0 requires JSF 2.1. This tool bundle extends Netbeans' web framework and JSF component library provider API to provide following extra features for ICEfaces/ICEmobile support.

 this integration release includes:

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Special Note

ICEfaces 3.3 and ICEmobile 1.3 do not officially support JSF 2.2. Please select registerred JSF 2.1.21 libraries under Libraries tab of JavaServer Faces configuration panel, and then select ICEfaces 3.3.0.

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about icefaces

icefaces delivers extensions to java serverfaces (jsf) that provide an ajax-enabled rich presentation environment for jsf applications. icefaces brings value to any java  development project that nds to provide superior presentation capabilities to the web application user. in particular, icefaces provides the following features:

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