What is WebMC?

WebMC is an ICEfaces project for sharing PowerPoint presentations over the internet. WebMC includes a slide viewer panel, a participant list and an integrated chat client. Simple web conferencing is achievable with the use of a 3rd party voice conferencing system.

Is WebMC a hosted or a downloadable web application?

Both. WebMC is hosted on http://webmc.icefaces.org/. Users are invited to host presentations here. Developers and others are welcome to download and install WebMC on their systems.

Can programmers modify and enhance the features of WebMC?

Yes. The WebMC source code is available under the MPL. We hope that the ICEfaces community will evolve this project and add great new features.

What format does WebMC currently support?

The hosted version of WebMC on ICEfaces.org currently supports compressed .zip presentations.

How do I prepare a .zip file of my PowerPoint presentation?

Save your PowerPoint presentation to an image format (.jpg, .gif, or .png). PowerPoint will automatically create a folder including individual image files for all the slides and automatically name them slideX.jpg (X being the slide number). Once the presentation has been exported, zip the folder containing all the resulting images. Remember where the zip file is located so it can be uploaded to WebMC after login. Alternatively you can view the 'Getting Started' presentation for a tutorial.

Why does WebMC currently not support PowerPoint (.ppt) files?

WebMC is hosted on a Linux server which does not support directly uploading PowerPoint files. It is possible to modify WebMC to use 3rd party libraries and run on a Windows-based application server to handle uploading PowerPoint shows directly.

How do I start a new presentation on WebMC?

To start a new presentation, please login as the Moderator. Select the Moderator tab on the login screen and fill in the registration form. You will need to give your presentation a title, a password and set the maximum number of guests.

How do I invite participants to attend a WebMC presentation?

Send an email to all participants and invite then to join your presentation at http://webmc.icefaces.org/. Make sure to state the name of the presentation and the password.

How many participants can I invite?

The maximum number of participants is currently set to 20.

Does WebMC require any 3rd party plugins?

No. WebMC is an ICEfaces application which is Ajax-based so no plugins are required.

Which web browsers are currently supported?

The following browsers work with the ICEfaces framework and WebMC application: